MotivationMonday: The Makeup Look Challenge

The Makeup Look Challenge
It's a perfect Monday to try a new challenge. I think the football season has sparked some competition in the UnitWise Heroes lately. They have come up with a new challenge to keep their MK makeup knowledge on point and have been very passionately refining this challenge for you all - by playing it every day. At 4 o'clock when we usually have a nice moment to catch up and chit chat, the Heroes are playing The Makeup Look Challenge. It is a blast and would be a great game for your team building meetings or just play with your fellow Directors & Consultants. The UnitWise Heroes want you to take The Makeup Look Challenge and see what MK products you would put together to recreate any makeup look. 

The Rules
1. Find a makeup look you want someone to recreate using only MK makeup products. This can be a makeup look you find in a magazine, online, or our favorite: Pinterest. 

2. Show the image to the challenger and set a time for them to choose all the needed products. We started at 3 min to get the hang of it, and now the challenge must be completed in 1 min. 

3. There are 3 categories that must be filled to win: Eyes, Lips, Face. If you can't fill in one of the categories, then you lose the challenge. 

Whoever can fill in all three categories with everything needed to recreate a look in less than 1 minute (or whatever time you choose) wins.  

This challenge is really fun to play and a great way to learn all the different products MK has to offer. Here is an example of how it's done...

What MK products would you use to recreate this look? (put a minute on the clock....and.....go)
Luminous Wear foundation
Blush - Shy Blush
Bronzing powder - Light/medium
MK translucent powder

Brow Definer Pencil - Brunette
Mineral eye color - Spun Silk and Hazelnut
Gel eyeliner
Ultimate Mascara

Lip gloss - Pink Parfait

Take the Makeup Look Challenge with your fellow Directors and Consultants and see if you know all the different products. The Heroes suggest for added difficulty, try some trending Fall looks to recreate. Have a great Monday. 


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