Tips & Tricks: The Vamp Look

Welcome back to another week of Tips & Tricks from your favorite UnitWise Heroes! Today, I have a special treat for you. I get to create a gorgeous Vamp Look for UnitWise Heroes Brittany and Yasmine. My excitement can hardly be contained! The look for each of them is different with one focusing on plums and purples, and the other color focus will be a deep red. You will learn how to smoke the eyes, get a deep dark lip, and hollow out those cheeks. So let's get started....

One of Brittany's favorite makeup colors is purple. So I created a look based on plums and purple hues that complement her eye color and skin tone.

Face - After applying a moisturizer and blending in foundation. I dusted translucent powder under eyes. Then she needed a little contouring to really give her cheekbones dimension. I used the MK Bronzing powder in light/medium to hollow out her cheekbones, line the bridge of the nose, and contour the jawline. When doing this step, be careful not to go too heavy on the contouring. You just want a very subtle definition.
For her blush, I choose a deeper mauve shade to complement the purple hues we will use on the eyes and lips. Again, apply the blush very lightly. You just want just a tiny bit of color because the focus is going to be on the lips and eyes.

Eyes - For her eyes, I wanted to recreate a simple smokey eye but with purple accents. After priming her eye lids and lower lash line, I went in with a nude matte shadow on the lid. Then I started to cut the crease with a dark brown shade (matte). Now, it's time for blending.

Blend that crease color really well and create a "V" on the outer corner. You can keep building the color to your liking, I built up the color on the outer "V" to really open up Brittany's eyes. I took the same color on a small smudge brush and really smoked it out on the lower lash line. Tip: To make your eyes look larger, don't bring the dark color all the way to the inner corner on the lower lash line. Stop about half way and use a highlighter shade on the inner corner.

Next is the eye liner. I applied black eyeliner, then smudged it using a deep plum shade along the upper lash line. I used just a tiny bit of black when smudging out the tail for more definition. Then bring it all together with a few coats of mascara.

Lips - My favorite part of this look. With any purple lip, it is very important to use lip liner. I used a deep plum to line her lips and fill in the outer corners. Then I applied the lipstick with a lip brush for precision and accuracy. I went back over with a little more lip liner to create depth. To seal it in, I put a tissue over her lips then blotted it with translucent powder. It just gives it a nice matte finish. Viola! A Plum Vamp Look - so sassy.

Yasmine is going a bit out her comfort zone by letting me create a Vamp Look for her. I reassured her that a red lip is needed in every girl's life, and it is so flattering on her skin tone.

Face - Once the foundation was on and lightly powdered, I started contouring. Because of her deeper skin tone, I went a bit heavier on the application and blended it out really well. Since the focus of her look will be a deep red lip, I went with a more rose toned blush (matte). I just popped a little bit of color on her cheeks for a nice flushed finish.

Eyes - For her eyes, I went with a blended cut crease for definition and a bold-winged eyeliner. After priming her eyes, I applied a nude matte shade for the base. Then took a deep brown shadow on an angled brush and lined it right in the crease. Blend, blend, blend. Once the crease has been defined, I took a black eye liner and created a bold wing. I smudged it out with a black shadow for a light smokey effect. I took the same black shadow and blended it just on the outer end of the lower lash line.  To finish the eyes, apply a few coats of mascara.

Lips - To start, line the lips in a deep red shade, and then fill them in. To give Yasmine's lip a little more depth and extra vamp-ness, I used a deeper red shade to go over the liner. To finish, I put a tissue over her lips and blotted it with translucent powder. This look is simple and just gorgeous.

Myself, Yasmine, & Brittany are Vamp-tastic today.

Anyone can rock this look. It is really easy to recreate on your own by keeping the eyes simple and smokey, then choosing a deep lip color that is either matte or satin finish - glossy dark lips are really difficult to keep from feathering and fading away. What tips and tricks do you have for a sultry vamp look?


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