Beauty Business Tips: Holiday Marketing

It's Monday! I'm so excited because this is no ordinary Monday, it is a very important countdown day. What countdown you ask? Well my business savvy beauties, today marks only 3 days left until Thanksgiving (insert applause). Every Thanksgiving with my family is full of entertainment. My favorite thing to do is to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and cook up a mess of food. I could chat forever about Thanksgiving, but I do have some important business tips from the UnitWise Heroes.

Holiday Marketing
The holidays are an extremely busy time for you. There is so much going on at one time, I can't image how you keep up with it all. When it comes to holiday marketing, you want to create something that speaks to the heart of clients. Creating a holiday collection is simple, yet really shows you care.

Holiday Collections in UnitWise - You can easily handle the important business side of creating a holiday collection in your UnitWise account. The video explains it perfectly:

Presentation - When it comes to presentation, you don't have to go too crazy. Think of it as your products are the star of the show and everything else is there to make the star look better. Some of the Heroes favorite presentations that you all have posted are the ones with a simple pair of gloves holding the Satin Hands Set, or lip bundles with Christmas ornaments and candy canes. 

Share The Gift of UnitWise
From hearing all the success stories you share, there is always one main aspect that helped you get to where you are, and that is the support from your fellow Consultants & Directors. You can help support the people around you kick off the New Year with a bang by sharing the gift of UnitWise. For every 4 referrals, you will receive a free month subscription to UnitWise, but that’s not all! The UnitWise user that has the most referrals as of Dec. 31st, will win a Custom Website Design! If you do not have the website plan, you will win a six month subscription to UnitWise. Check out our Referral Promotion Video for more information.

To add the final touches to your gift of UnitWise, be sure to include promo code: UW2014 for an additional 15 free trial days.

If you have any questions about creating your product collections in UnitWise, don't hesitate to give the Heroes a call: 704-234-6006 or email:


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