Beauty Business Tips: Time Management

Happy Monday! The weather here in Rock Hill, SC is quite dreary, but I'm so glad it's Monday. I've been moving all weekend and if I see another box to be unpacked, it will be too soon. But my moving adventure did have a few good learning opportunities that I took full advantage of, and one being the topic of my blog today: Time Management. 

My worst habbit is wasting time. I picked it up in college and just could not break the habit to save my life. I became a master procrastinator and didn't realize the consequences I would face later on down the road. When it came time to be an adult and get a job, I really struggled to improve my time management skills. After I got organized and figured out how to stop wasting time, nothing stands in the way of acheiving my goals. Proper time management is one of your most valuable assests as an Independant Beauty Consultant - on your way to becoming a Director ;) Here are some great time management tips from the UnitWise Heroes to get you started...


Multitasking is an artform and many studies show that a very small percentage (like 2% small) of the popultation can successfully multitask. I've learned I am not one of those people can multitask. I thought I was, but the work I was producing proved otherwise. Helpful Tip: I've found that instead of working on a bunch of things at once to try and save time, I'm much more productive when working on one task at a time. All you have to do to manage your time wisely is plan out your task list for the day so you know exactly what needs to be done. 

Mobile Alerts

Are you ever working on something, and your phone beeps/dings/buzzes in attempt to ruin your concentration? I swear phones know when we don't want to be bothered, then they attack with distracting noises and updates. Helpful Tip: Set your phone to silent and put just it away when you are doing your daily business management tasks. Now I know Independant Beauty Consultant world your phone and other mobile devices are very important for your business. But those few hours a day you spend going over invoices, inventory, paperwork, your mobile notifications can be a huge distraction and those few hours can easily turn into half of your day. 

Daily Agenda

A daily agenda is key to efficient time management. I'm old fashioned and have one of those tangible agendas that I have to hand write my entire day in. I have to write everything down or I will forget it, guaranteed, but digital agendas are great too. Helpful Tip: When organizing your day, plan out your business tasks - inventory overview, paperwork, calls, etc.- in the morning. That way all your more "not so exciting" business duties are out of the way and you can use the rest of the day for meet and greets with future consultants and catering to your clients. 


UnitWise can really help you manage your time and increase efficency when it comes to business management. Everything from inventory and invoices to financial reports and everything inbetween is at your fingertips with UnitWise. If you are an Independant Beauty Director or Consultant, this program has been custom designed just for you. Enjoy the UnitWise experience with their complimentary Free Trial and receive an extra 15 days with promocode: UW2014 .
If you have any questions, you can contact the UnitWise Heroes via phone: 704-234-6006 or email:

These were just a few helpful tips to improve time management. We would love to hear what tips you have to share, especially those of us still fighting with procrastination, please comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter

I'll be back with some more Beauty Business Tips next week!


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