Tips & Tricks: Classic Hollywood Glamour

Today is an exciting day! The UnitWise Heroes were so kind to ask me to recreate a classic, yet chic look for this weeks blog. I got to break out some gorgeous red lipstick and create a beautiful cut crease for this look. And to spice it up, I even did Hero Brittany's hair to give the look a full on glamorous effect. Oh, I guess I didn't say before, but Hero Brittany was my beautiful model today and she loved everything about this look. I'm pretty sure it is one of my favorites so far. With out further adieu, myself and the UnitWise Heroes would like to present this week's Tips & Tricks: Classic Hollywood Glamour.

Now of course every makeup look starts with a clean fresh face, and doesn't Brittany just have the most beautiful skin. This girl can't take a bad photo.

The Classic Hollywood Glamour Look

To prep her face for makeup up, I applied a face primer. She had already moisturized, so we didn't need to do that step.


I applied an eye primer to give the eye shadow some staying power. The first color eye shadow I applied was a very light matte brown shade, just in the crease. I used a blending brush to really blend out the color towards the eye brows. I didn't blend down because we want the lid to be completely blank.

On top of the light matte brown, I applied a slightly darker brown in the crease and blended it out towards the eyebrows too. This will give the crease area a lot of dimension. Then I took an angle brush and a deep brown eye shadow and created a very defined cut-crease. I slighly blended the line upwards, taking special care not to blend down onto the lid.

When I got the crease perfectly blended, I took a flat eye-shadow brush and packed on a matte vanilla shade all over the lid. I brought it up to the cut crease, but didn't blend it in because we want that line to stay crisp.

I didn't want to leave her lower lash line bare, so I took the light matte brown shade that was first blended in to her crease, and applied it along her lower lash line. To really open up her eyes, I applied a matte black shade just on the ends of that lash line. Then, I blended the colors together with a pencil brush just to even everything out.

Before I started on the winged eyeliner, I went ahead and filled in Brittany's eye brows. A little tip: if you want to give your eyebrows that old hollywood glam look, do an exaggerated tail. A longer eyebrow was all the rage back in those days.

Now for some wings. I used a black gel eye-liner to create Brittany's bold wings. I have so much more control with a gel eye-liner than I do with liquid, so it is my go to at the moment.

Once the eye-liner is on and looking crisp, a light layer of mascara was added to the top and bottom lashes. No Hollywood Glamour look would be complete without some big lashes.

  • Lash Tip: When applying false lashes, be sure to measure them first to see if you need to trim them. 

The face is really simple. I just applied a matte foundation, and did some light contouring. For her blush, I used a peachy shade then went over it with a more shimmery berry color. I kept the application very light, so her cheeks didn't draw to much attention away from her eyes and lips. To set everything, I used a translucent powder and that's it.

This look is all about the red lip. I prepped her lips by applying a lip balm and then lined them with a darker - almost deep berry lip liner. For the main color, I used a bright red lipstick to fill in her lips that had a slight sheen to it. Brittany really likes a more glossy lip, so I made sure the red shade I used has some shine to it. 

The hair for this look is super easy. I just used a curling wand and curled the hair towards her face, instead of away from it. To create the big voluminous waves, I simply brushed through the curls with a boar bristle brush and shaped them around her face. No lie, that's all I did. The hair really makes this look. So Sassy!

A little touch up before the final photos. I love this shot, it's just so glamorous.

The Classic Hollywood Glamour look was so much fun to create. It is very girly and so easy to do. What tips and tricks do you have for a classic look like this, or any other glamour look? 


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