Tips & Tricks: Holiday Inspirations Makeup

Are you ready to see four spectacular holiday inspired makeup looks? The UnitWise Heroes proposed a challenge for me to create four makeup looks based on a few of there favorite holiday decorations. I about fell over when they asked me to do this because it meant I get to use GLITTER, and a whole bunch of rhinestones. Life just isn't worth living without a bit of glitter and a lot of sparkle, right? Ok, so you get the idea of what is going on, now follow me to a wonderful world of Christmas cheer and holiday sparkle for this week's Tips & Tricks: Holiday Inspirations Makeup!

The four holiday decorations I got to choose from were a snowflake, candy canes, sugar plums, and mistletoe. The snowflake was first, and my wonderful model Danielle was very excited for some blue eyeshadow and glitter.

To get started, I applied a silver eyeshadow on her lid and went in with a light blue in the crease. I will build up the blue in the crease with a darker navy color, but I just wanted to map it out with the lighter blue.

When the eye shadows were well blended, I started drawing in the lines to make the snowflake. I used a reference photo to help me out a bit. To create the snowflake, I just used a dark navy blue eyeshadow mixed with a touch of petroleum jelly to make a liquid eyeliner. It looks a little funky right now, but don't worry it will all come together in the end, I promise ;)

I made the snowflake very ornate, I could have gone a little bit lighter with the detailing, but go big or go home, right? After the snowflake was made, it's time for rhinestones! I just put them wherever they would look nice. After the rhinestones, I took the darker blue shadow and put it along the lower lash line to bring the look together.

For this lips, I kept it simple with a nice nude lip. I didn't want to distract from the eye make up. I picked up a silver wreath in the holiday section at my local retail store and used it to add a little extra something. What do you think?

My next wonderful model, Alicia chose the mistletoe decoration for her look. This makeup look required some gold glitter, green eyeshadow, and a red lip.

For the eyes, I put a very shimmery gold shadow all over the lid and went in the crease with a green shade and gradually built up the color.

Then I went in with a cranberry shade and blended it into the outer "V" of her eyes. I kept blending until it seamlessly changed into the green shade I put in her crease.

Next, I drew on some mistletoe on the right side of her face. I chose the right side, because her hair is parted more to the left, and it just balances everything out. For the leaves, I just wet an angle brush and used a dark green shadow. To make the berries, I used a red lipliner - it made everything so easy. To make the berries really pop, I outlined them with a little black shadow.

No holiday look is complete without some sparke. I added green and red rhinestones to the mistletoe and then I had to do a red lip to match! I found a red wreath, like the silver one I used on Danielle, and just clipped in a little green decoration I picked up. Seriously, how adorable is this finished look?

The next fabulous model is Erica. She chose candy cane as her decoration inspiration and I knew some serious glitterizing was about to happen. 

For her eyes, I used a white eyeshadow on her lid and went in the crease with a bright red eye shadow. I also took the same white shadow and lined her bottom lash line. It makes the eyes really pop.

After the eyes, I started marking out where to put the peppermints on the right side of her face. I chose the peppermint instead of the candycane mainly because it looked better. 

For the glitter segment of this look, I covered the peppermints in glitter then made them really sparkle with a few rhinestones. Honestly, you can never have enough glitter or rhinestones in a holiday look.
After a little black eyeliner to enhance the lashline, a few coats of mascara and a red lip...are you ready for Erica's finsihed look? It turned out fabulous!

Last, but very far from least, was my next beautiful model Austin. Her look was inspired by the sugarplum and I was very excited for this one because I got to use a purple lip color. Her eyes for this look were super simple, but still had rhinestones and glitter. I wanted to lips to be the main focus for this look. 

For Austin's eyes, I used a gold shimmer shadow on the lid and a deep purple shade in the crease. Then I blended my little heart out to get that perfect gradual color change. After the blending, I lined her lash line with a black shadow to really make her eyes pop.

I just added three rhinstones on the brow bone. I didn't want to go too crazy with sparkle, because the lips will be pretty bold. I guess there are a few times that there can be too much sparkle. 
After a touch of blush and some matte purple lips color are you ready to see what it looks like? Wait, I need to add the finshing touch - a sparkling wreath with sugarplums. So pretty! 

These looks were so much fun to create. I really hope you find some inspiration for your holiday looks. Remember glitter and rhinestones are your best friends when it comes to festive makeup looks, and I still believe too much is never enough. Stay tuned for next week's Holiday Party Makeup where I will give the Heroes a perfect makeup look for their big Christmas Party!


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