Beauty Business Tips: How To Make The Perfect Birthday Call

Birthday CallsWho doesn't adore a Happy Birthday wish on the day that marks their arrival in this beautiful world? Birthdays are special and a great opportunity to show your clients how much you care. When you make a birthday call there are a few extra steps you can take to make it the perfect birthday call. It's almost an art if you think about it; you do something so simple - call a client on their birthday - but it just makes someone's day when they know you care enough to call.

The Art of Making the Perfect Birthday Call

Look up your clients order history in UnitWise, or on the UW App - available for Apple & Android. You can put together special birthday gift certificates for your client based on some of her favorite products and email them to her. Birthday gift certificates are awesome, always. Check out this video on - How to create gift certificates in UnitWise

Make a post on social media wishing your client Happy Birthday. If you have a bit of flare for making fun images, you can create a special birthday image and post it on their Facebook wall.

The Call
Turn up the excitement, you're not just making any call, you're making a birthday call. There are three main things you need to include in your birthday call:
 1. Wish them a happy birthday
 2. Ask if they have anything special planned - this can go 1 of 2 ways
                - 1. They say nothing special. You reply with: You should always do something special for your birthday. You should have a Birthday Pamper Night, and I just emailed you the perfect gift to make that happen (birthday gift certificates).
                - 2. They have something really fun planned and it opens up a little chit chat.
 3. An unforgettable closing.
    When closing your birthday call, wish your client happy birthday again and let them know you were thinking about them on their special day. You can even leave it a bit open ended by adding a - We should get together soon! 

Birthday calls really show your clients how much you care and appreciate them. You can always take that extra step and create a birthday card or gift certificates. When making your birthday calls remember: to wish your client a happy birthday at the beginning and at the end, ask a question to create a little chit chat, and before the call ends, let your client know you want to see them soon. Your clients will feel extra special on their birthday because you took the time to personally give them a call instead of just send an email.


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