Beauty Business Tips: Getting To The Next Level

It's the Monday after Leadership 2015. This is a very important day. There is so much to think about and plan and do, it's enough to make your head spin. Getting to the next level of success is never without its chaotic moments.

That's why the Unitwise Heroes are always by your side to offer a helping hand. Now although we all were not able to join you in Nashville this year, all your amazing pictures made it like we were there. Ladies, you all rocked the most gorgeous shoes the entire conference, can I just say - Fierce! You were so beautiful.

Ok now let's get on to some ways to keep that Leadership momentum going...

1. Plan Out The Next 2 Months
Ladies and gentlemen, the next 2 months (February, March) are big months for your business. You have Valentine's Day, and then everything changes towards spring. If you have everything planned out, like your promotions, gift sets, gift certificates, and emails, then you won't be rushing at the last minute. Giving yourself time to really put that special touch on thank you cards, presentation of gift sets and promotions will really make you stand out and show your clients you really care.

UnitWise is perfect for organizing your gift sets, certificates, and special promotions. The products can be grouped together in your inventory so it shows up properly on your financial statements. Your inventory will automatically update as you create gift sets.

2. Set Goals To Achieve By The End Of Spring
By setting smaller goals to have achieved by the end of spring, those yearly goals will be easier to reach. To help you stay motivated, an achievement wall is great to have in your office to give you a visual of what you have accomplished. If you are not sure what goals you could make by the end of spring, ask your Director or fellow Consultants.

3. Save Money on UnitWise
Every cent matters when you are head of your own business. You have worked so hard through the Holiday Season and to go to Leadership; UnitWise wanted to do something special for you.

UnitWise Promo
For each person that you refer, and signs up for UnitWise with your referral code, receive 10% off your monthly subscription. If you get ten of your fellow Directors & Consultants to sign up, you will get an entire month of UnitWise for free. It gets even better! If you have more than 10 people to share the gift of UnitWise with, say 15, then you will receive one free month + 50% off the next month's subscription. Get your referrals in soon, this promotion ends February 15, 2015. Call the Heroes for more details at 704-234-6006 or email:

Getting to the next level of success will take determination, organization, and a lot of positivity & support from your UnitWise Heroes. Plan ahead, set smaller goals to achieve every few months, and save on your UnitWise subscription. You got this!


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