Beauty Business Tips: Top 5 Ways To Get Organized


It's a New Year, and to properly celebrate, a good home office organizing party is in order. I know you have been thinking about it...going on Pinterest...Googling new ideas...imaging your home office as your perfect oasis. Well, I have some great tips from the UnitWise Heroes to help you get organized in 2015.

1. Organize your UnitWise Account
Before you start pulling things out and going through it all, get logged into your UnitWise Account. Update any needed information, go through your Email Marketing, run any last-minute Tax Reports, and go through your Client List. Check to see if there is any new information you need to add for your unit. Go through and write down any questions you have about updating your information or the program and give the Heroes a call. 

2. Inventory
This will be where you spend a major chunk of your organizing power. Create a designated space for your inventory. You want to carefully go through your inventory and log every item properly. Organize your inventory in a way that will benefit you the most. For example: Categorize sections by Skin Care, Foundations, Eye Shadows, etc.

3. Loose Papers
File away all those loose papers. All your printouts, activity sheets, and everything else can be organized to give you more space and clarity. A large file folder works great and you can have one designated for clients, one for team members, and one for potential team members.

4. Create Activity Centers
To stay organized, designated activity centers are really the way to go. You want to have a specific place as your Work Station with you your computer, printer, and office products. Then a wrapping center to create all those beautiful gifts and sets. A To-Go Station to have your bag with everything you need for client appointments and potential team member meetings. You just don't want to have your stuff all over the place; making it hard to find things when you need them.

5. Goal Wall
Goals are better achieved if you can visualize your progress. Create a goal board, or wall, with everything you want to accomplish. These goals can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly...however you want. Make it bright, colorful, and positive. Actually seeing what you have accomplished will drive you to do more.

There are a million ways to get organized for 2015 and here soon you will be reorganizing for Spring, but that is a blog for a different day. Just remember, an organized workspace is the foundation for creative thinking. When you don't have to worry about where things are, your thinking is more clear, and stress just disappears. And isn't stress-free always the way to be. 2015 is going to be a year to remember, and it all starts with an organized workspace.


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