Tips & Tricks: Cinderella Inspired Makeup Look

Have you been swept away by the fairytale magic in the air? The Heroes of UnitWise have and they asked me to create a beautiful Cinderella makeup look in honor of the new movie coming out soon. Cinderella is a favorite fairy tale among the Heroes and I was super excited to interpret their love of the beloved tale into a gorgeous makeup look that anyone can create. So grab your makeup brushes and join me for this week's Tips & Tricks: Cinderella Inspired Makeup Look.

Hero Brittany was very excited to be the model for this look. I wanted to keep it wearable, but also include sparkle. All in all, this look was super easy to create and it just came out beautifully. Let's get started, and I will show you how...

Prepping your skin is always important. I always start with a moisturizer on the face and lips. Then I added a primer to the lids, so our beautiful work won't just fade away.

To brighten up Brittany's eyes, I used a yellow concealer under her eyes and blended it out well. Then I applied a layer of foundation followed by a light concealor in a triangle form under her eyes. I do contour her face a bit more later on, but I will get to that right after the eyes.


This is the fun part. I was inspired by Cinderella's classic blue ball gown and the wedding gown she wore in the end of the movie. I loved her wedding dress. So I started by creating a cut crease with a semi-matte grey shade. Similar to MK's Stone eye shadow. Then I went in with a dark burgandy color right underneath the cut crease to give it more definition.

For the eye lid, I used a combination of blue tones, starting with a silver and lighter blues and transitioning into darker ones on the outer V. The silver color I used on her inner corner is similar to MK's Sterling eyeshadow. I started layering lighter blue shades in the middle and added darker shades to define the outer V of her eye.

Inbetween each color I was sure to blend out any lines, so everything looks very soft. Now I did use a lot of shimmer shades, but matte shades would work beautifully if shimmer isn't really your forte.

For the lower lash line, I lined them with the same grey shadow I used in her crease. Then I added the darker blue shades on the ends to blend with her lid.

To really make her eyes pop, I used a black shadow and lined her upper lash line, starting in the middle and working outwards. I didn't want to line her entire lash line because I didn't want the eye makeup to look too cartoony. I also added a pop of black shadow on the outer part of the lower lash line. Just a little bit, makes a big difference.

For that extra magical element, I added a beautiful white glitter to the inner corner and fadded it out on her lid. Just lovely. The final touch was a few coats of mascara.

I'm a little obsessed with contouring, so I just had to do it. I popped a bit of bronzer in the hollows of her cheeks, her jawline, and on her temples. Then I used a peachy blush on her cheeks and a touch of highlight on the tops of her cheekbones. Contouring really helps to warm the face and highlight her features.

I kept it simple for the lips. The eye shadow is a bit bright, so I didn't want to go too crazy for lips to avoid that cartoony look. I just applied a light pink lipstick. To create a little more depth and to make her lips not so pink, I added a mauve color on the outer corner of her lips. I know it sounds strange, but it really works.

That was pretty much it. The only area that took extra time was the eyes. I swear blending takes up the most time with any makeup look. I love any excuse to break out some blue eyeshadow and glitter, it doesn't always happen. Brittany looks like a princess in this Cinderella inspired makeup look. What are your favorite Fairy Tale Princesses?


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