Tips & Tricks: Hello Spring Makeup Look

Winter was full of neutrals and dark colors for makeup that was fun and all, but now it's time to bring the color back with Spring! The UnitWise Heroes are so excited for Spring they wanted to celebrate with bringing back the Tips & Tricks Makeup Tutorial with a beautiful Spring inspired makeup look. My heart was set a flutter when I was searching for the right pop of color shade and looking for the perfect blush. So grab your brushes and let's have some fun!

Prepping for this look was super simple; a moisturizer and some eye primer where all that was needed.

I started with the eyes before the face because I didn't want to ruin her foundation with fall out. I am using some bold colors so I just didn't want to risk it. After I primed her eyelids, I went in with a transition color all over her eye lid. Then I picked up a grey color and swept it in the crease; being sure to blend it well. Next, I used a burgundy shade in the crease to create some depth. 

Once the crease colors were blended out well, I used a shimmery pink shade on her eye lid to create a nice gradient effect. I did take a shimmery nude shade in her inner corner to really brighten it up. Then I used a deep purple shadow to line the outer V. 

To really give this look a nice bright pop of spring color I used a beautiful green shadow and a flat shader brush to line her bottom lash line. As I got closer to the inner corner, I extended the line slightly downward and into a point. It was just something different I wanted to try and it came out really nice. 

The final step to finish the eyes was a few coats of mascara and some really fluffy lashes.

For the face, I wanted it to be very luminous. I used a dewy finish foundation first, then went in with concealer for a very bright under eye. Then a little contouring, a dash of coral blush, and a highlighter was applied to warm up her face. 

For the lips, I wanted to keep it simple. The eyes were the star of the show for this look so I didn't want to go too crazy on lip color. I used a baby doll pink lipstick with a peachy nude gloss on top. It is a beautiful lip combination and complements the eyes perfectly. 

The final step was to give Brittany the mirror and let her see.

I loved creating this look and getting to play with bright fun colors for Spring. Let us know if you have any looks you want the Heroes to create for our next Tips & Tricks on the UnitWise Facebook and Twitter


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