Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Translucent Powder Hacks

Makeup tricks with translucent powder and brush.

If you have the MK Translucent Loose Powder, did you know it can be used for more than just setting your flawless makeup? There are tons of great makeup hacks for your translucent powder that you probably didn't even know existed. I tested every tip and hack you could image with the UnitWise Heroes to bring you today's Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Translucent Powder Hacks.

1. Oily Eyelids Are Ruining My Cat Eye Liner
If you have oily eyelids, meaning that your gel eyeliner transfers on your top lid and you look like you messed up on a graphic liner attempt, then dust some of your translucent powder on those lids before you apply your liner. It's like magic...just poof and oiliness is no more.

2. My Lipstick Is Shiny And I Want MATTE! And Maybe For It To Stay All Day
Why buy tons of matte lipsticks when you can easily transform the ones you already have? Unless you are addicted to lipstick like me and can never have enough, then it's good to just pass on this idea to friends. This little hack is super easy and looks really silly when you do it, but have faith because it totally works. Grab a tissue and pull it apart so it is only one ply. Then grab a medium fluffy brush and dip it in your translucent powder. Take your one ply tissue and put it over your lips with one hand and press your brush with the product on it over the lips with the other. Basically you are holding a tissue to your lips and pressing powder over it. Sounds weird, but try it and you will be amazed. This hack also gives your lipstick some serious staying power.

3. I Want Va-Va Voom Lashes Without Having To Go Through All That False Eyelash Mess
Oh honey, the false eyelash struggle is real. You got to get out that glue and measure your lashes, then trim them, and waiting for that glue to set is like an eternity. So...try this little nifty hack. Put on a coat of your favorite mascara (mine is the MK Ultimate, it's my ride or die mascara) then dust a bit of translucent powder over your lashes. Apply another coat and do the same process again until you reach your desired level of fluffyness. I get a lot of volume at the base of my lashes with this hack and it's super easy. I would recommend using a small eyeshadow brush to apply the powder.

4. My Hair Is Greasy, I'm Out of Dry Shampoo, and It's Not My Hair Washing Day
Have you ever ran out of dry shampoo when you really, really need it? I have and I just needed a little bit to de-grease my front sections so I could whip my hair in a cute bun. But no, my dry shampoo decided it was time to leave me. I remembered a friend telling me she dusted a smidgen of translucent powder in her hair and more oily looking roots. I grabbed my translucent powder, dusted it on, and low and behold she was right. Bad hair days just don't exist in my world anymore.

5. I Want Glitter Eyes, Not A Disco Ball Face
I don't care how old you are, anyone can rock some glitter on their eyes. The problem is getting it to stay there and not invade the surrounding territories of your face making you look like a disco ball. Before you apply glitter to your lids, pack on a thick layer of translucent powder under your eyes. This will catch all those pesky glitters that don't believe in staying where they are put. When you are done, simply brush the powder away and your flawless face will be revealed.

These are only a few of the hacks for translucent powders. Share them with your friends, clients, and the whole beauty world. And if you have any more hacks for translucent powder, comment below! You can never have enough beauty hacks. Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!


  1. All great things to know! Thanks for the amazing tricks!


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