Tips & Tricks: The Interview Look

For today's Tips & Tricks blog I wanted to do something a little different. 'Tis the season for interviewing and the UnitWise Heroes want to congratulate all the recent grads and people looking to upgrade their career. It's an exciting time and when you do land that interview it is important to have the right look. The right look is actually a very simple look because we want your personality and skill set to shine, not your face. So today, your face is the dream job for your makeup collection. It's time to interview your blushes, mascaras, lipsticks, and foundations, to find the right fit for the position. So let's get started...

Face Coverage:
I realize that not everyone is comfortable wearing a light coverage foundation at all nonetheless to an interview. So the best thing to do is wear a foundation that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your makeup's purpose for your interview is to make you feel confident in yourself so you don't feel nervous. If you are used to wearing a tinted moisturizer, than wear that. If you love full coverage foundation and wear it every day, wear that. Do remember to hit your oily spots with some powder though so you don't get super shiny. Also, if you have some setting spray, I would highly recommend you use it to keep your making from moving around if you sweat. 

You will be making a lot of eye contact and expressing your excitement with your eyes. Browns and soft neutrals are best for interviews. You don't want anything too harsh or heavy. A simple cream across your lids and a slightly darker brown in your crease is all you need. Then of course a few coats of mascara on your top lashes to really brighten and open your eyes. You can apply a bit of brown liner to your bottom lash line and a touch of mascara, but keep it as simple as possible. You want to look very awake and fresh. 

A matte blush is perfect for your job interview look. If you are completely against matte anything, then try to use something that is a very light shimmer. You don't want anything that will cause your interviewer to lose focus on you and focus on your beaming blush. Put the highlighters down and just dust on a light flush of color. Coral colors look very natural and complement most skin tones. Pinks work great too. I would just stay away from super deep colored blushes. You want that natural "No Makeup, Makeup" look. 

When it comes to an interview look, leave the gloss out of it. Interviews are not a gloss moment. A lipstick, or tinted lip balm, that is like the color of your lips but better (you know what mean) is perfect for an interview. Your whole makeup look is meant to give you confidence and make you feel comfortable so you are not worrying if you have lipstick on your teeth or if your mascara is smudging. Less is always more when it comes to your interview look. 

The whole Less is More idea applies to your hair as well and the color of your outfit. Simple hair that is not all in your face is ideal - you're not trying to win an Instagram contest. When it comes to outfits think navy blues, browns, black & white, and maybe a simple pop of color with some earring studs. You want your jewelry to be simple if you have to wear something, and steer away from big flashy watches. Remember your interviewer wants to talk and get to know you and your skills, not the jewelry or favorite bright lipstick you love to wear. Keep it simple and let your personality shine and be adaptable to any environment. You will do great!


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