UnitWise | The Book of Knowledge-Virtual Style

When I was growing up -- long before the Internet was available -- we had three sets of encyclopedias. One set that I enjoyed the most was the Book of Knowledge.
It was written in easy-to-understand language and had lots of pictures.

UnitWise has it’s own Book of Knowledge, known as  Knowledge Base.  It, too, is easy to understand and offers lots of pictures, though in this case, the pictures can be seen via video.

This vast library of everything UnitWise is readily accessible by clicking on the Help Button on the right hand side of the UnitWise banner, past the Referrals Button (hint, hint.) When you click on the Help Button, you see two choices: text and video. 

I read it for the articles.
Let’s take a look at the text section first. (Pictures are great, but personally, I am a fan of "read instructions first, then look at the pictures.")
When you click on text, you will see the opening page for the Knowledge Base. You do not need to login to access the UnitWise information. 

Here you can quickly see what is of current interest with other UnitWise users. Maybe the answer to your question is right here. If so, click on the  appropriate link to see the information.

After you peruse this list, click on the words “Knowledge Base/Find Answers to Common Questions” next to the icon that looks like cans.

On this page (think of this as your virtual index to UnitWise’s Book of Knowledge contents) you can search by topic or by folder. I prefer to use the topic option. It gets me going in the right direction. 

Let’s say you want to set-up your UW Payment Hub. Type in “Payment Hub” and click Search.

A listing of links and titles that are pertinent to this UW Payment Hub search are listed.
Take a look at this lineup. The most important link, the one that weighs the heaviest to your search inquiry is at the top. Then, in descending order by weight, are other topics that touch upon the original search.

For our exercise here, click on the first link. You will see the step-by-step instructions for setting up a UW Payment Hub. 

Remember earlier I talked about pictures?
Many times when you do a search by text there is an accompanying video you can view that shows the steps that are outlined in the text.

I need to see it. 
If  you prefer just “the pictures”, you can view all the Videos UnitWise has available.
There are four ways you can access this Video “Book of Knowledge.”

1 - On your UnitWise Banner, click Help and choose Video. This will take you to the UnitWise YouTube Channel.  On this homepage are the most popular videos. To see the vast Library of various topics and features of all things UnitWise click on Videos. (You will find this link listed under the UnitWise banner name.)

2 - On every page in UnitWise there is a Video Guide button leading to videos that pertain to this page. You can find this link at the end each page’s menu bar.

3 -
Within the Knowledge Base type in Video in the Search Field and Enter. For your viewing pleasure, a list of videos by title pop-up, sub-categorized by Topic. 

4 - In a search by text within Knowledge Base. If a video about that subject  exists (as noted above) usually it will be there along with the text instructions.

Knowledge really is power. The more knowledge you and your assistants have on the features of UnitWise, the more power the UnitWise business management system gives you to grow your business.

UnitWise Heroes are always available to help you learn more about the many features and benefits of the UnitWise beauty consultant business management program. Give us a call, 704-234-6006 or touch base via livechat Monday-Friday 9-6 (EST). Drop us an email heroes@unitwise.com anytime. We are here to help you create your own UnitWise “Book of Knowledge.”

 Did you know?  UnitWise offers five levels of service to best match you and what you need from a business management solution.  Are you using the right program for your needs?  Find the program that suits you best here.


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