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The unique design of UnitWise makes it easy for you to manage your business your way. An important key to getting the most from YOUR UnitWise is the information you put into Preferences.

To set your Preferences, in Your UnitWise click on Settings and choose Preferences.
There are seven tabs that call for your attention. The preferences set here influence other aspects of how UnitWise functions such as invoicing, sales receipts, accounting, importing and syncing with MK, email marketing, tasks, all aspects of your calendar and what information appears on your dashboard.

Unit Information
Begin creating your personalized UnitWise here by including your Unit Name and Number, Consultant Number, Rank and Director information.

Sales/Order Tab
The information you input here influences the accuracy of your invoices and sales receipts. Plus, on this tab you can create the look of these purchase receipts, including adding your image, name and contact information. You can also create a message your customers will see when they receive an invoice or sales receipt via email.

General Tab
Create your Gift Setting thresholds and Weekly Accomplishments. Take a look at the Save Follow Up Tasks button listed under Gifts. This is where you can set up the parameters for Tasks, Follow Ups and Call Notes. 

Other Tab
From here, you can set your time zone, daily email reminders, and adjust how other features appear in Your UnitWise. 

MK Credential
UnitWise provides a way to create Purchase Orders from InTouch, sync Customer and Consultant contact information, Birthdays and Anniversary information, and update special recognition reports. These credentials need to be current to activate these features. 

Contacts Settings 
Your choices here will influence the number of days in advance you would like to know about Birthdays and Anniversaries. Plus, you can choose whether your customer list is displayed as last name/first name or first name/last name.

Web Settings
Subscribers who have opted for our marketing and website features can personalize the Auto Reply aspect of their guest book and other website views, and create their email signature.

You can Integrate your ProPay with Your UnitWise account. When this feature is activated, you can safely store customers' credit card information, process their payments when creating Sales Receipt or receive payments towards Open Invoices.To integrate with UnitWise, you only need to include the ProPay Account Email and the last four digits of your Social Security number. When you click Link my ProPay, the other fields will auto populate. 

Payment Hub
If you are using UnitWise to manage your UnitWise website, activating the Payment Hub gives customers a way to view open invoices and view previous purchases. Because you have activated ProPay, they can also pay on an open invoice.

Staying on Task
As Preferences affect so many aspects of your UnitWise account, you may want to consult with your Director and/or your tax professional for best business practices.

Learn more about Setting Preferences here:

With your Preferences in place, you will gain more productivity from every UnitWise experience. 

If you  would like assistance with setting up your Preferences, you can contact a UnitWise Hero. Or complete this SetUp Form with as much information as you desire. We will do the setup for you.

UnitWise is all about YOU and helping manage and grow your business. Got questions? Want some advice on getting the most from UnitWise? UnitWise Heroes are here Monday-Friday 9-6 EST for telephone or Live Chat. You can reach us anytime via email at heroes@unitwise.com.  Sign up for one of our FREE webinars. 

Did you know? When you are somewhere other than your home base, take UnitWise with you! Use our handy apps for iPad and Android. Just visit Google Store or iTunes to download. And if all you have is your phone, just log into your UnitWise Account with UWNow.com. 


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