UnitWise Q & A | Taking care of the bumps in the road

UnitWise has the best clients ever! You are smart, savvy, and get things done quickly and efficiently, like driving an energy-efficient vehicle in a traffic jam full of gas guzzlers.

But, sometimes we all experience that ‘thing’ in the middle of the road causing us to swerve, possible causing a flat that stops the momentum.

UnitWise Heroes are always available to provide, shall I say, “roadside assistance” to get you back on the road to success.

Here are four questions that came up this week that creates some bumps in the road for some of our clients.

  • I need to make changes to my member name and password. Unfortunately, previously stored information shows up when I go to sign in. How do I delete that info so that I don't have to enter it each time?

To keep information from pulling up automatically, clear your browsing history and cookies, clear your cache (if you are using a PC) by holding the CTRL button and F5 key at the same time. This will clear out the stored information.  The next time you log in, uncheck the "Remember me?" box under the password field. This will ensure it does not pop up automatically. 

  • Is there an easy way to find my unpaid invoices?

Yes. Under Customers, click on Invoices. On the left side of the screen, you will see Open Invoices. There are also Partially Paid Invoices, too. Another way is to click the "Receive Payments" link found under the Customers Tab. This will bring up any unpaid invoices.

  • How do I record expenses and keep a receipt?

From the Accounts tab click on Expenses. Then, click on Add Expense. On this screen select the payment type, where it is coming from, the date it came in, and add a reference number.

Next, select a Payee. If the Payee is not in your address book, you can add it by clicking on Quick Add.
Then choose the Account Type.

You can also upload your Scanned Receipts on this screen by using the Attachment application at the bottom. Save your work.

  • I created a CDS invoice, but when I try to save it, I see this pop-up: "COG must be greater than zero." Now what?       

Let’s go through all the steps for when a customer orders from the MK website.

1. Setup your CDS shipping costs by going to Settings > Preferences > Sales/Order tab. Enter your CDS settings and click Save Preference.

2. Create a Sales Receipt by either going to Customers > Sales Receipt > Create Sales Receipt or by searching the customer's name in Customer Center and clicking on the R icon beside their name.

3. Set the Sale Type to Online / Personal Website and check the box to Use Customer Delivery Services. This box should ONLY be checked when the products are being shipped directly from MK and no items will be deducted from your UnitWise inventory.

4. Enter the products ordered and at the bottom of the Sales Receipt, you can choose to add a discount or to tax the shipping. If the customer does not pay the shipping amount, the shipping and tax amounts will be sent to the appropriate expense accounts automatically.

5. Select Processed Credit Card for the Payment Type. This will automatically calculate the ProPay fees and you can also select the account that ProPay is linked to and Deposit to that account.

6. Calculate shipping and enter it here into the shipping field, if shipping is passed onto your customer then leave this field at $0 and charge shipping on the customer's portion. 

7. The Cost of Goods field will be wholesale product price + shipping (if shipping was passed to the customer then the amount is 0) + the full retail tax amount. 

8. The Pay From Account is going to record the expense into your Chart of Accounts, simply choose which account to charge and enter the total cost of goods again (this will be the same amount located in the COG field). 

You can see the steps here:

All fixed.  You are ready to go. Just check your mirrors before easing back onto the road.

UnitWise Heroes are available to provide “roadside assistance” whenever you need it. Contact us by phone at 704-234-6006 or via live chat Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 (EST) or drop an email anytime to heroes@unitwise.com.

Did You Know? 51 (and counting!) National Sales Directors use UnitWise.


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