Strategize! Use Email Marketing!

All's fair in love, war, and makeup! As summer is heating up and makeup is running down in rivers, it's the perfect time to get in touch with clients who are in need of new products and old favorites. In addition, it's also the perfect time to reach out to your team to help them stay motivated to keep doing all the great things that make Mary Kay consultants a cut above other product consultants.

With UnitWise, getting in touch with a plethora of people is as easy as the click of a button. UnitWise’s Email Marketing feature is a great way to get and keep in touch in a professional and effective way. Let your team know the sort of information they need to be successful, including: events, meetings, and promotions.

Why Use Email Marketing?
Email marketing allows you to show your products and connect with your clients and team members in a personal way without taking a large chunk out of an already busy schedule. In addition, you can reach a broader audience without doing anything harder than writing an email.

Since the email marketing feature allows you to personalize emails for whole groups of people without needing to write separate emails, the time you have to spend on other aspects of growing your Mary Kay family is endless. You can also send your team special informational emails so they’re never out of the loop when it comes to promotions, deals, and announcements.

A bonus feature of using UnitWise’s email marketing feature is the fact that you’ll be able to track your numbers like a bigger business. Find out how many of your emails get opened, the number of clicks in each email, the links visited, etc. Those handy figures can help you tailor your emails for future campaigns to make sure you can optimize your business potential.

How Do I Use Email Marketing?
  1. First login to your UnitWise Account. Easy enough? Awesome!
  2. From your Dashboard, click the Marketing tab at the top row of icons
  3. Fill in the fields with your information and select whether you need a ready-made template or want to write one of your own.

  4. Select the date and time you want the email to go out (in case you need it to go out while you’re on-the-go).
  5. Pick your recipients or check the box to send emails to individuals instead.
  6. Personalize your email by adding a signature, picture, or additional text. It’s just that simple! 

  7. Lastly, schedule, send, or save your emails for later. You can officially say you’ve completed your first email marketing campaign!

If you don’t have the Resource Library as part of your UnitWise subscription, that’s alright. You can still upload pictures to your campaign via DropBox. The Heroes have provided this handy how-to guide for you to use. To add images to your UnitWise Email Marketing Templates from DropBox:
  • Upload your image into DropBox
  • Click on Share
  • Copy the "Link to File" URL
  • Open UnitWise>> Marketing>> Email Template>> Create Email Template
  • Click on the Image Icon in the Tool Bar
  • Paste the "Link to File" URL in the URL field
  • In the URL, replace " " with " " (without the quotation marks)
  • Click OK

It’s just that simple. Use your email marketing feature to get in contact with your people and take your Mary Kay experience to the next level. As always, for any hiccup along the way, you can contact our UnitWise Heroes via phone, 704.234.6006, or email at Have fun!


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