Tips & Tricks: Let's Talk About Strobing

Every time I spell out strobing, I swear there is another - b - in it. I just needed to point that out real quick before we get onto the main bit.

Welcome to this week's Tips & Tricks blog. It's all about strobing this week, and this trend has been gaining steam since January. Yes, January! Where have I been, seriously?

What is strobing?
If you struggled with contouring and gave up on trending makeup fads, then strobing will bring back the faith. Strobing is basically heavy highlighting. Sounds simple enough, right? The trick is to use the right product, and apply in the right areas of your face.

What products work best?
Choosing the right product to use is really the hardest part. You have three choices when it comes to highlighters:

  • Liquid - highlighters that are really liquid-y give a beautiful natural glow to the skin. Their only drawback is they can be a bit messy when applying and get all over the place if you're not careful. 
  • Cream - cream highlighters usually come in convenient stick packaging that gives you a lot of control over the application. Cream highlighters also give a natural glow and really work nicely for creating the strobing effect. 
  • Powder - always a popular choice, powder highlighters come in ever different shade and texture you can imagine. A finely-milled powder highlighter will work best for strobing; it's really the texture you want for all your brightening needs. The finer the texture, the more natural the glow. 
How to apply highlighter for the strobing effect?
There's a few ways you can do it depending on how strobe-like you want to be. If you want a light effect apply to the basic highlighting spots - brow bone, top of your cheek bones, tip of your nose, and a little on the chin. What makes it stobing is that you leave out the contour bit. 

To go all out, apply to the basic highlighting spots and also: right above the jawline (leaving the hollows of your cheeks un-highlighted), bridge of the nose, temples, and to the center of your forehead. 

You can also think of strobing as reverse contouring, but what it really boils down to is apply it wherever you like to glow as bright as you want. 

The UnitWise Heroes have been working with this technique and really like how easy it is. They enjoy working with the intensity of the highlight for really fun pictures and going out. What do you think of strobing? Share your thoughts and highlighting tips on our Facebook and Twitter


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