Tips & Tricks: Welcome to Your Show

You might have decided not to go into theater when you were younger but you have chosen to take to the stage in your current profession. Whether you’re a consultant with three clients or one with hundreds, you are presenting yourself as the example of your products and your expertise as a makeup guru.
In theater, every item is deliberately chosen and thought out before it's placed into a scene. You have to be just as aware of the choices you’re making before presenting yourself to your “audience.” Our lovely UnitWise Heroes have put together a few shortcuts for you to achieve the ultimate “makeup guru” look. In addition, the looks they’ve put together also work great for an interview look, so you can share the secret of success with clients as well. Welcome to the MK stage!

It’s All about that Base

You know what I’m talking about ladies. You have to prime the canvas before you start. Try the Mary Kay Foundation Primer to start, so that all the little blemishes will disappear before you even add anything else.

Next, add the foundation of your choice. I tend to go with a powder foundation because it’s lighter than liquid foundations, but it’s all about your skin type. If your skin tends to dry out, definitely go with a liquid foundation or even a creme to powder foundation like this one from MK so you don’t aggravate the dryness of your skin. Don’t forget to brush a little into your hairline to keep from giving yourself a hard line at the edge. If you need any help in the foundation department, you can always refer to the this great UnitWise blog for additional tips.

Once all that’s applied, it’s time for the fun to start!

Your eyes are the windows to your expertise. 

If you want to impress a party, showing your eye product expertise is one way to draw their attention. The key, of course, is finding a way to look sophisticated without looking like you tried hard. (UGH! Sometimes being a girl is hard.)

Start by applying Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color all over the lids and inner corners. I’d use a very light color like Crystalline on this base color. Don’t be afraid to layer! Makeup is a lot like painting, you have to work the colors until they flow together in cohesion.

Next you’re going to want to apply a crease color. If the party is during the day, I would suggest going with a color like Granite in the crease line because it isn’t going to make you look overdressed for a daytime meeting. If your party is at night, go with something a little darker and sexy like Sweet Plum.

After you’ve applied your crease color, it’s time to select an outer color (This is where the real magic happens for this look). For day, the perfect pair for Granite is Espresso. For night, go bold! Go Coal!

Press the crease color onto the outer third of your lids and just below your lash line. Think of it as the little triangle region on the outer part of your eyes. Don’t worry, you’re going to look weird for a second until you blend it all together. The end look won’t be clownish, I promise!

Blend your color into your creases with a precision brush. (Make sure not to drag it down onto your lids because you’ll look like you’ve given yourself a black eye. Trust me. Personal experience.)

Finally, line with MK Black eyeliner and carefully smudge before applying the mascara of your choice (if you want to do something a little funner for your night look, try a plum-colored mascara to make the eyeshadow pop).

Now your eyes are to-die-for, darling!

Play any role with the right accent.

Give yourself a little color by accenting and highlighting your cheeks. Use your MK Cheek Brush to apply a two tone accent based on your skin type. I like MK’s Juicy Guava best for this particular look.

Lips are another great place to accent. For a day look, go with a fun lip gloss like MK’s Jelly Lip Gloss in a fun color like Poppy Love, and for night go for a deep bold lipstick. Personally, I feel like the color of the star of the show should be red and Mary Kay’s Creme Lipstick in Sunset is the perfect expression at night.

Finish in style.

Apply your finishing spray and you’re ready to step onto the stage and sell makeup to the world! Try out the look for yourself and see if you don’t feel like a star.

Want to share the finished product of your stage look? Feel free to share them on Facebook and Twitter!   


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