UnitWise Spotlight| Personal Use, Demo, Donations, & Expired Products

One of the most important aspects of selling your product is letting your customers use the products for themselves and demonstrating for them that the product looks and works great. You can do this in several ways: you can wear the product to show it off, you can host a demo and use the product on potential clients, or you can donate some of the products to a basket in hopes of getting the winner interested in the products therein.

Some of you may use one or more of the methods to get your customers interested. But how do you record the associated cost of the products you use in these events? Furthermore, how do you record products once they’ve reached their expiration date? UnitWise has you covered.

Getting Started: Create a Personal Use/Demo Account

You need to create a space for your records that separates it from regular customer accounts. To do so, go ahead and go into your customer center and add a new customer. Instead of adding the name of a customer enter something regarding your activity. “Personal Use” or “Demo” are good examples. This will be where you put items which are not client-purchased products.

Once you’ve made the account, hit save.

Adding Additional Information

Under the “additional info” tab, make sure you select your sale’s preference as 50% unless it is a donation. You’ll place all discount, expired, personal use, and demo items in the 50% category. If it is a donation, make sure you set the default discount at 100%. We’ve made keeping track of your sales easily, however, UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.     

Now every time you add a product or sale under this category, the discount listed will automatically be updated and calculated based on your percent. Don’t forget that you will have to put the sales tax at 0% since this account is strictly personal use, demo, or donation items and to check the “Use Custom Settings” check box.

Now You’re Ready to Rock

UnitWise will keep track of all your personal use, demo, and/or donations without having to fill out additional paperwork or separate your purchases in a unique section. Want to know how to see how much of each product is being used in demos or donations? Check out the product usage by customer and type in the unique name  you chose for your personal use/demo products.

Run a report, see what you need most, and then re-order accordingly! You can also use the reports as a way of seeing which products you’re using versus which products are most popular. Maybe you’ll want to switch them up if they tell you something. The possibilities are limitless.

If you have any trouble along the way, feel free to reach out to your UnitWise Heroes by phone, email, or live-chat. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and their email is heroes@unitwise.com.


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