It's Time to Celebrate!

UnitWise is happy to announce our parent company, SPAN Enterprises, has made it into the Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest-Growing Privately-Held Companies of 2015! SPAN has ranked number 1150, out of this year’s selected companies, #11 in the Charlotte Metro Area, and #1 in South Carolina for Software in its home state of South Carolina. We would like to congratulate our founders and our fellow coworkers for making this a reality.

It’s hard to imagine that SPAN has grown from 6 employees on Main Street to a 30 person team at our downtown location, with another 200 people worldwide. From their Rock Hill headquarters, SPAN has launched over 14 cloud-based applications for international use, including UnitWise.  

Of course the story of UnitWise’s founding is particularly near and dear to our hearts. There have been many things done for the love of a woman, but we have to say that building an entire business around one has to be the best! Our parent company’s cofounder, Agie Sundaram, was inspired to begin UnitWise thanks to his wife, Carrie, a Mary Kay sales professional herself. He wanted to make sure that every MK pro had a good tool to be able to handle everything life has to throw at them, and he succeeded with the UnitWise product.

UnitWise is one of the longest-running products of the SPAN Enterprises family and is also one of the most successful. We can thank wonderful customers like you, as well as our stellar US-based customer support team, for making this possible. We are lucky to be surrounded by innovative, passionate people who always strive to make things better, both in the product and around the world.

Going forward, we will continue to give 100% to the UnitWise community. From solving problems that arise, to adding features to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Mary Kay products, we will deal with those issues with the same dedication that we have since the start. Forgetting our roots isn’t an option because we’re still where we started to grow, creating a thriving technology hub, right here in small-town USA.

What really sets SPAN apart from the rest of the businesses in the country is the same thing that separates UnitWise: our foundation is rock solid thanks to the passion and commitment of our co-founders. Our success has always been measured by the impact it has on the lives of those who use our products, an idea instilled in all of us by our co-founders Agie & Naga, and we are lucky enough to serve a wonderful community of professionals.

We’ve proven to the larger business community that a small-town startup doesn’t need to move to a big city to be successful. With our inclusion in the Inc. 5000, we have validated that idea. So once again, thank you to all the wonderful customers, employees, and dreamers who made this a reality for our parent company and for all of us here at UnitWise.   


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