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Your skin is a canvas for your makeup, but taking care of it can sometimes be more complex than just using your favorite skin-care regimen. The UnitWise Heroes have consulted with skincare experts to find out which foods you can add to your diet to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Adding just a few simple foods to your Mary Kay skin cleanser and moisturizer can really help improve your skin’s condition, so your Heroes have put together a list of foods to pick up on your next shopping trip.


Do you dream of strawberries & champagne? Well, luckily, you now have another excuse to indulge in your strawberry habit! Strawberries are chock full of Vitamin C, an age-fighting, PH balancing vitamin. Most people mistakenly believe that oranges have higher levels of Vitamin C, but strawberries have almost twice the amount. So, feel free to grab a carton the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Olive Oil

Puffy eyes can be a thing of the past if you start cooking with olive oil. A standard in most Mediterranean cuisine, this great addition to the shopping list can help reduce inflammation and acne breakouts. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over some whole grain bread for a great pre-dinner snack.

Green Tea

With great antioxidant properties, green tea not only boosts your energy but is fantastic for your skin because of its antioxidants. According to Purdue University, drinking one cup of green tea a day can give you healthier skin and repair minimal sun damage if consumed over a year-long time period. Try a cup of green tea in place of your morning cup of coffee and, for added benefit, try adding a splash of citrus for extra boost.


Want to improve your skin’s natural SPF? Start eating tomatoes! According to several studies conducted in the UK, one of the greatest benefits of tomatoes is that they naturally embolden your skin with sun-resisting properties. This great fruit also has a pretty high number of antioxidants, so all the benefits are present in this also.

Dark Chocolate

Doctors have now given you permission to indulge in your chocolate habit. Cocoa flavanols, found in dark chocolate, help hydrate skin and increase circulation. What’s that mean? If you eat dark chocolate, you will have fuller, younger-looking skin. The next time you think about skipping the chocolate, re-think it and indulge yourself!

Try out our list and see if you have any skin improvements. A smoother Mary Kay makeup application experience is just a few meals away. Do you have any additional foods you’d like to see added to our list? Share on our Twitter & Facebook!


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