UnitWise Spotlight| Importing Product Orders

Keeping track of all the products you order and the ones you sell can be a pain if you have to copy and paste them into a spreadsheet. 

With UnitWise, you don’t have to worry about going through extra steps to keep your records up-to-date. With a few clicks, everything you need will be imported and ready for you to modify in your UnitWise account. So why not bring a little order into your life by importing your product orders into your UnitWise account through InTouch!

Login to your UnitWise Account

This might seem like an obvious step but it’s the important one. Go ahead and click the “inventory” tab, so you can start in the correct place. You’ll see several options on this page but the one you’ll need to select is “Order from MK”.


Click on “Create a Purchase Order”

Once you’ve clicked on this, the navigation will take you to a separate page to fill out. Just update the order date and subject for this purchase order. No need to fill or assign anything else. You’ll be able to import the orders directly from your Mary Kay account.


Click on “Import from InTouch”

Once you click on the button, a new window will open and display instructions with an “Enter URL” field. You won’t enter any new information in this field for a minute. Instead, open up a new tab in your browser.


Go to your InTouch Account

Once you’ve logged into your account, go to your “Order Status” page and locate the order you want to import. If you can’t locate the order in the “Order Status”, you can go to Business Tools> My Business> My Order History and locate your order from there. There are many ways to retrieve the information, you just have to use the one which you can use easiest.


Click on the “Shipped” Link Next to the Order

Once you’ve hit the link, your order will open in the window. Copy the URL or web address. I know it might feel like we forgot about your UnitWise account, but no worries, we’re getting back to it! Go back to the opened page in your UnitWise account and then paste the web address into the “Enter URL” box in UnitWise.


Click “Import Products”

After you’ve clicked “import products”, it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds for your purchase order to autofill into the space designated. Once you have imported the products into the “Purchase Order”, you will need to select an account to Pay From. This will NOT charge you any amount and is only there to ensure that your bank accounts and UnitWise Accounts reflect accuracy. If you don’t remember your payment form or don’t keep your account records in UnitWise, you can select an account and transfer funds at a later date.


Save Your Purchase Order

You’ll need to click the gray box labeled “Click Here” to confirm your order with InTouch. *Note* Before you can add the products to your inventory, you must first receive them. If you haven’t received the products from Mary Kay yet, we suggest you don’t move on to the next steps. Wait until you have the products in hand to avoid any inventory inaccuracies.

Once you have the products on hand, you can click on Receive Products. This will update your inventory and make sure everything is completely up-to-date.


Sit Back & Enjoy

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your day, knowing that all your inventory and product lists are completely ready to go, whenever you are. If you have any questions or just want to tell us about the product, feel free to let us know on Facebook & Twitter. If you have any questions or hiccups along the way, our Heroes are always available to help you via chat, email, or telephone. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and their email is heroes@unitwise.com.


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