UnitWise Spotlight|Accept Credit Card Payments with ProPay

It happened overnight. People stopped carrying cash and started depending on a plastic card to make purchases. Credit, debit, and MasterCard are the new forms of currency, so what’s your business doing to facilitate it? When you provide your customers with a multitude of payment options it can mean the difference between making a sale and losing one.

Don't have a credit card processing service for your business, yet? No need to fear! The UnitWise Heroes are here with ProPay to help you rescue and secure the sale every time. So let’s make it happen!

History of the ProPay and UnitWise Partnership

But, wait, what is ProPay? Only the most useful credit card processing service to hit the small-business market.

UnitWise partnered with ProPay in 2010 to offer a convenient and secure way for users of UnitWise to increase their sales by accepting their customer’s credit cards. We work closely with ProPay to perfect the credit card processing service. Our team helped develop ProtectPay® technology that allows for cardholder data to be invisible. Going a step further, we added a mobile version of ProtectPay® to UnitWise, making it easier for Mary Kay consultants to make a sale anywhere they travel.

What does this mean for you? You can offer your customers the best service by accepting a variety of payment options. How great is that?

How It All Works

UnitWise works closely with ProPay. When you enroll with ProPay, you can link your account to your UnitWise account. This will allow you to enter and process your customer’s credit card information with confidence, as well as record the sale for your records.

UnitWise also allows you to create invoices and sale receipts, and apply discounts and special promotions deals just for your customers. And for whatever reason, if you need to issue your customer a refund back onto their card, you can log into your ProPay account to do so. It’s that easy!

Ready to Give It Try?

You have nothing to fear when you are partnered with UnitWise. Make your life easier and secure that sale when you use the ProPay feature offered by UnitWise. If you need any help with your UnitWise account or want a UnitWise Hero to guide you along the way, you can call, email or live chat us 24/7. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and the email is heroes@unitwise.com


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