Tip & Tricks|4 Must-Follow Sales Trends

It’s happening—new trends are emerging in how you sell your products and run your business. Are you ready for the change? If not, don’t panic: the UnitWise Heroes are here to help you out. We have information on all the new sales trends to watch out for and how they can help you become the best at what you do.

Bye, Bye Salespeople

Those old-school, car salesperson tricks were so last season! Customers are savvier and do their research before they make a purchase. High-pressure and manipulative sales techniques will not work anymore. So say goodbye to the salesperson, and hello to the consultant.

As a consultant, your attention is on the value of your product and how it can benefit your customer. Being a subject matter expert is important. What we mean is that your clients want someone who can give them a solution for a particular situation. If they want a product to help them with the dry skin, they aren’t looking for someone to sell them a product that reduces their pores and helps reduce dark circles under their eyes. Be an expert, not a salesperson.

Overcome the Commodity Challenge

Providing makeup solutions is a tough industry to compete in. From convenience stores and department stores, to online shops, it seems like everyone offers skin products and age-defying makeup. But you’re different! Your end game is not about making the sale; it’s about gaining lifetime customers and helping someone achieve their desired result. That’s why your makeup is more than just a commodity.

Overcoming the commodity challenge is being able to recognize that your bottom line is not to make the sale, but to help your customers achieve something they’ve been searching for. Once you show your customer that you are committed to help them, the value of your service beats the lower price every. single. time.

Verified Results

Luckily for you, you work for a company that can verify the results of their products! For years, salespeople tried to win over customers with amazingly low prices—well not anymore. The deliverable and verified results are more important to people than just the price. Let your customers know that the results and desired outcome they’ll receive with your product greatly outweighs the low prices offered by the other guy.

Home/Work Balance

The secret to being successful is not how many hours you work or emails you send. It is how balanced you make your job and home life. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.
When you balance the time you spend at home and work, you end up reinvesting and engaging more with what you do. And achieving this balance is easier than you think.

Set up hour limits—pick a certain time in the day you will not send another email or make another phone call after. These breaks give your mind time to unwind and settle down from the pressure and demands of your work life. It also gives you time to enjoy your home and family life. Remember MK's motto: God, Family, Career!

See, what did we tell you! These new trends are no-brainers for you and your consulting capabilities. And remember, the Heroes will always be here to offer the trendiest advice.


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