Tips & Tricks | Five Ways to Stay Organized (in Life and in the Office)

Have you ever forgotten an important phone number or a meeting with your Units? Do you have a desk that’s cluttered with sticky notes of things to do? If you’re guilty of any of these disorganized offenses, don’t panic; the UnitWise Heroes are here to help. We have five creative ways to help you get organized, nixing the scattered brain forever.

1. Chunk The Junk

We all do it. We keep things that we think our future self will find useful. The items are slipped into a box or a vacant drawer, but never looked at again. Well, it’s time to escape this vicious cycle and CHUNK THE JUNK. The easiest way to begin is by making separate piles to sort your items into: toss, keep, and donate. Trust me, you’ll never need the instructions to your printer (most instructions are in digital form). Throw it away and reduce the clutter.

UnitWise can help you organize all your leads’ information, your business calendar, your inventory list, and much more. When you get rid of the paper clutter that surrounds your desk, your productivity will skyrocket.

2. Become Magnetic

Buying magnet strips and a magnetic board can be the best investment for organizing your office. Wondering where I’m going with this? Well, I’ll tell you. Instead of having your supplies scattered in jars on your desk, stick them to a board with magnets. You’ll still have easy access to your supplies, but your desk will be clear of distractions. This is a cheap DIY project that can make a huge difference in the organization of your workspace.

3. Inventory Shelf

Do you have you Mary Kay inventory spread throughout your office? Whenever you’re searching for a specific item in your collection, do you have to sort through boxes and bags? Well, building or buying an inventory shelf can be your saving grace. Grouping items and storing them in plain site can make the difference between losing inventory and making a quick sale. Ready to build?

Here’s how to create a simple bookcase:

Ladder Bookshelf

Try your hand at constructing this ladder bookshelf that can bring a unique piece of furniture to your room and keep you organized.

What You’ll Need

  • A-Frame Ladder

  • Wood planks

  • Paint (optional)

How To Do It
  1. Open the ladder and position it where you would like your inventory shelf to be located
  2. Paint the ladder and wooden planks (optional)
  3. Slide the wooden planks horizontally into the ladder, letting them rest on the steps
  4. Stand back and admire!

Wasn’t too difficult or time-consuming, right?

4. Stop Trying to Multitask


It can’t be done. Multitasking and producing high-quality work is almost impossible to do. Now, I’m not suggesting that you can’t drink a cup of coffee and talk on the phone with a client, but, can you talk on the phone with a client and email a member of your unit simultaneously? I think not.

Our brains aren’t able to give our undivided attention to two projects. So stop trying. Instead of multitasking, manage your day. Turn your attention to invoices, bills, and emails two times daily, and give your bigger work more attention. Allotting your time will help make you more organized. No time to be scatterbrained when you don’t schedule it.

5. Using UnitWise

I’m sure you know all about UnitWise’s great features, but are you using it to stay organized? The UnitWise Heroes want to remind you that you can keep up with your customers by inputting their make-up and skin care interest, birthday and anniversary, their beauty profile, and their payment history.

You can also stay organized with the consultant management feature. Keep track of the entire list of your team and unit members, as well as recruits and leads. Create events and appointments with your team in your calendar without ever having to leave your chair. From event creation to monitoring invoices, UnitWise can make your life easier and more organized.

Why Wait?

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with your organization! If you need any help with your UnitWise account or want a UnitWise Hero to guide you along the way, you can call, email or live chat us 24/7. The phone number is 704.234.6006 and the email is


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