Tips & Tricks|Location, Location, Location: 4 Tips for a Successful Event

One of the best parts about having a Mary Kay business is hosting parties! As Mary Kay says, you can expect “Fabulous Friends & Fun.” It’s true! At these parties, you learn about a variety of products, how to create different looks, and how to choose the best makeup for your beautiful features.

As an Independent Beauty Consultant, you are an expert when it comes to makeup and skincare options. And, we’re here with some advice to help you throw the best Mary Kay party ever! It all comes down to location, location, location.

Event Size and Space

The first aspect you must know before holding a successful party is how many people are attending. Once you know the numbers, you can pick a venue that will comfortably accommodate all of your guests. You don’t want people bumping into one another when they’re trying to make the perfect cat-eye with the Mary Kay Eyeliner.

Travel Distance

Before selecting the final venue for your party, take into consideration its physical location. Is it in a convenient place for all of your guests? Is it a far drive away from town? Don’t make your party-goers spend more money on gas than on products. Make your party location centralized!  Also, if you have people visiting from out of town, offer some ideas for hotels and restaurants.

Luxury and Amenities

You probably don’t stick around at an event if you’re uncomfortable—and your guests don’t want to either. To make sure you offer great amenities and give your party a luxurious feel, here’s some advice.
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Provide plenty of comfortable seating
  • Have plenty of space for people to move around and socialize
  • If it’s hot outside, keep the space cool. If it’s cold, make sure it’s nice and toast
Unique and Different

No one wants to go to the same party over and over again. Make your Mary Kay party different and unique! Instead of having everyone sit in a circle, waiting to see the next product, why not mix it up? Start with food and then a quick game of guess the product by its description. Or host your party during one of the Project Runway shows! By changing up the flow and structure of your party, you can keep your guests entertained throughout the entire event.

You have the Mary Kay knowledge, now share it with your clients! One of the best ways to let people know about your party is with UnitWise’s email marketing feature. Send notifications from home or on-the-go with our mobile site. And if you ever need any help, just let the Heroes know! You can call, email, or live-chat us— and we’ll come to your rescue.


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