Tips & Tricks|Watch Out Email—the Telephone’s Back

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I bet Alexander Graham Bell (and most others) would be shocked to hear that written words—emails and text messages—are used more to communicate with others than his beloved invention, the telephone. It’s a technology-riddled world, and people love their smartphones—us included. But we know that nothing beats picking up the phone and making a call to our loyal UnitWise members.

So, take our advice and give Bell’s invention the recognition it deserves. Call your Unit members instead of emailing them. It will help your business, we promise! Here’s how we know! 

Solve Problems, Faster

Think of the last time you had to solve a problem quickly. Did you talk on the phone or did you send a message? I’m assuming you picked up the phone. Calling people is typically better than sending an email because it can help solve a problem quicker and more efficiently. An email can get lost in the mainstream of the internet or remain in an inbox unopened for several days. With a call, you can make sharing information more personal, as well as talk about the possible answers and conclusions without having to wait. 

No Miscommunication

Nothing can handle complex, technical, or sensitive conversations better than a phone call. A phone call minimizes the unnecessary confusion that can sometimes attach itself to drawn out email exchanges. Also, a phone call helps with emotional intelligence. Unlike text messages and emails, speaking to someone on the phone lets you hear the tone and intonation of their voice. It can mean the difference between thinking someone is insulting you and knowing that he or she is just joking. 

Reactive Responses

Are you guilty of not responding to an email as soon as you received it? I know I am! I like to give myself time to think about my reply, before actually sitting down to write one. Emails and text messages offer us that buffer to think thoroughly about what we wish to say before saying it. However, we sometimes hide and take the higher ground behind our emails, making the bark worse than the bite. A phone call, however, provides us with immediate exchanges and responses that push us to be proactive and to solve problems. 

Building Relationships

Although you can get to know somebody through an email exchange, there is something special about hearing someone’s voice on the phone and knowing they aren’t a robot. The Heroes here at UnitWise are real people, and we are always here to help you. We understand the importance a phone call has on building close relationships with our UnitWise members. We make it a priority to give all of our users courtesy calls just to see how things are going. Although we don’t hover, if we see something that could help improve on your UnitWise account, we’ll give you a call to offer some advice and assistance. It’s just what we do!

Although technology is improving daily, it’s important to take the time to give your Unit members a call. Trust us, it means a lot to them, and it can help you improve your business too!


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