Tips & Tricks|5 Not-So Spooky Skincare Solutions

Happy Halloween friends!

We’re so excited for all the Hallow’s Eve festivities this Saturday! What’s your costume? I’m sure it involves makeup, right? Halloween is best known for the characters you get to disguise yourself as and the makeup designs you can create. However, as fun as this night is, you want your zombie costume to be the only thing that looks dead—not your skin.

This week’s Tips and Tricks are all about protecting your skin (and your client’s) by giving it the extra boost of nutrients needed to revitalize it after Halloween night. It’s alive! We have five skincare solutions that can help you create your best skeleton face on Halloween, but #GlowAndTell the next morning. And the best part—they’re all Mary Kay products!

Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Your eyes always seem to require the most makeup for your costume. Which means you need a pretty strong makeup remover to get it all off after the fun is over. Luckily, Mary Kay makes a superb eye makeup remover that gently wipes away all hints of makeup, even waterproof mascara. And it’s hypoallergenic, so don’t worry about redness or puffy eyes.

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

After you’ve removed the top layer of your Halloween makeup, use the Skinvigorate brush to gently clear your pores. This Mary Kay brush has two speeds that massage your skin while removing dirt and makeup residue. Pair it with the Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel to give your skin a fresh, clean feeling.  

Eyes Surprise

As we mentioned earlier, your eyes always seem to get the worst of the costume makeup, which is why we suggest another eye product for you to use. The Eyes Surprise by Mary Kay is a duo set that not only fills in wrinkles, but most importantly, reawakens tired eyes. After removing the makeup and washing your face, this is the perfect next step to help revitalize the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Hydrate

After scrubbing your face, what it needs now more than anything is moisture. We suggest using the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Hydrate. It absorbs quickly and gives your skin the hydration it craves. We love it because it’s made with botanical ingredients like frangipani flower and water lily. These ingredients are packed full of skin-healing antioxidant powers.

Soft Touches

To finish off the post-Halloween skincare review, we’ve picked another moisturizer for you to try. This one is Soft Touches, and it’s sure to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Soft Touches promises to instantly hydrate your skin, giving it a fresh and more youthful look. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!   

As you recover from your Halloween weekend, and start creating holiday gift baskets for your clients, the Heroes want to remind you not to forget the skincare! Keep your skin looking healthy and alive, all season long. Let us know what your favorite skincare product is, and be sure to share all of your Halloween looks with us on our Facebook page!


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