UW Spotlight|Manage Your Inventory with UnitWise

Have you started your preparations yet for Black Friday and Pink Monday? Well, the season is quickly approaching—better ready your supplies now! 

Preparing your inventory and ensuring you have enough of everything is quite a monumental task. And after speaking with many of our loyal users, we knew there had to be an easier way. Some of our UnitWise users wanted a way to know which products to stock up on; others wanted to update their inventory list after their wholesale orders, as well as know the value of their inventory at tax time.

 So we put those ideas together and created the UnitWise Inventory Management feature!

The Inventory Management feature is a hassle-free way to stay organized and ready for the busy season. From importing your most recent wholesale orders directly from InTouch to labeling certain products as a “Hot Seller,” UnitWise was created just for your Mary Kay business.

The Inventory Management Feature

To use all the helpful functions of the inventory management feature, click on the “Inventory” tab located on the menu bar at the top of the screen in your UnitWise dashboard. From product orders to issuing exchanges and replacements, the inventory feature can make preparing for the busy season a little easier.

(For information on how to add products to your inventory, check out our previous spotlight blog about product collections.)

Order from MK

This function allows you to create, confirm, and receive products from Mary Kay—straight from your UnitWise account. To create a new order, click on the “Create Purchase Order” located at the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

You can also view a snapshot of your inventory history to help you keep track of what products you’ve ordered in past months.

Loan and Borrow

Do you ever have a customer that really wants a product, but you don’t have it in your inventory? We know that you depend on each other to be successful in MK, which is why we created a section in our inventory feature that lets you keep up with products that are on loan or borrowed. But it doesn’t stop there—you can even exchange your loaned/borrowed items or create an invoice for them.


Did you purchase a product that isn’t a hot seller with your customers, and you want to exchange it? No worries—you can keep up with all of your product exchanges from your UnitWise account. Start the exchange process by clicking on the “Create Exchange” tab, located at the top, right-hand corner of your screen.


Sometimes you just can’t do an even exchange—we get that! That’s why we created the product replacement tool to help make returning items and purchasing replacement products an easier process. This tool also helps you keep track of which replacement transactions have been fulfilled and which ones are still pending. And to make things go quicker when you create an invoice or sale receipt for a returned product, it will automatically generate in your product replacement folder. You ensure a 100% customer guarantee, and so do we!


Here’s a short scenario: you have a customer that really wants the Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush. You order it for them, but it’s placed on backorder. Now with that, plus your other orders, you are scrambling to keep up with everything. What do you do?

Luckily, UnitWise provides you with a tool to help you keep up with backorders and the corresponding client. You can see when the order was created, the product that was back ordered, and the quantity the customer wishes to purchase. The backorder function can always be enabled or disabled by going to your “Sales/Order” settings. It’s just another time-saving add-on to help you with your Mary Kay business.

UnitWise is excited and ready to help you conquer the busy season! Be sure to check out the dates for live training sessions with our Heroes. The next free webinar is happening this Wednesday, October 7th at 1 p.m. EST. Be sure to register and claim your virtual front-row seat—and remember it’s always free to attend!


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