UW Tips & Tricks|Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

On average, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience abuse in their lifetime. These heartbreaking statistic should never exist; nor should anyone suffer at the hand of someone they love.

This month, let us stand together to remember the people who have lost their lives, those who have survived, and those who are still suffering from domestic violence. It's time we not only raise awareness, but educate ourselves on the issue. Together, with Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” campaign, we can shed light on a problem that plagues our population. Together, we can help all those who still suffer. Together, we can put an end to domestic violence.

As an Independent Consultant for Mary Kay, you partner with a company dedicated to ending domestic violence—and the UnitWise Heroes couldn’t be more supportive of the cause. As we strive to stop the abuse, one of the hardest parts is knowing what we can do to help. At the Heroes’ headquarters, we’ve been thinking of several different ways to raise awareness and educate others on the heartache that is domestic violence. Between our campaigns and our efforts on social media, we have some ideas on how you can raise awareness on domestic violence, and how your UnitWise account can help.

Host an Awareness Party

Hosting a party is one of the surest ways you can raise awareness, funds, and inform others on the seriousness of domestic violence.

One of the most important points to remember, however, is to keep anonymity. For the wellbeing of victims, it is important to keep their identity and individual situations anonymous. Handing out flyers with important contact information and facts may seem helpful, but could put the victim at a greater risk if it is discovered by their abuser. We suggest either making a PowerPoint or holding a general conversation during your party.
Make your guests aware of the hotlines and support groups available to help them. Here’s a link for useful resources, and ways you can help save others.

Special Products

Dedicate a product or create a gift basket in support of ending domestic violence. You can donate a small portion or all of the profits to Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” campaign. Use the UnitWise Inventory feature to keep track of how many items you sell and the amount you’ll be able to donate.


You have the opportunity to make a difference, whether it’s sending an email to your government representative, volunteering at a shelter, donating food and funds, or speaking out; your voice matters, and your actions are appreciated. Gather your Unit together, and go out in your community to help make a difference. The UnitWise email marketing feature is a great way to send call-to-action messages to your Unit. And make use of the Network for Good; this site provides a variety of ways you can get involved in the movement to stop domestic violence.

It’s time to raise awareness and educate ourselves so we can provide the help that victims of domestic violence need. It’s time for the ratios of 1 in 4 and 1 in 7 to disappear. It’s time to end domestic violence. It’s time to act!


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