3 Hot Holiday Tips to Increase Your Sales

Can you believe it? There are only eight more Mondays until Christmas! 

Hopefully we didn’t send you too far into panic mode; we still have Thanksgiving to get through. And although we’re excited for Christmas, there’s no way we would forget one of our favorite foodie holidays. With all this talk about holidays though, are you ready for the festivities to begin? We’re talking Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Pink Monday, and then Christmas—all happening in a matter of weeks! OK, now we are starting to see the panic on your face. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve got three of the hottest sales tips for you to try his holiday season. Want to hear more?

Double Trouble

Never sell just one! Sounds simple, but it’s key to your holiday success. If you’re creating a gift basket for one of your clients, why not suggest they add another to their list? You never know; they might have forgotten they need an extra gift or product. It’s better to take the chance and ask! What’s the worst that can happen?

The Follow-up Question

When you go to a fast food establishment and ask for a cheeseburger, what’s the typical follow-up question they ask? “Would you like fries or a drink with that?” Usually you think about it for a moment, saying to yourself “a drink would be nice, and I do love those fries.” So in turn, you end up buying a side of fries and a large drink. See what happened? One question turned a simple sell into a combo meal. And you can do the same with your Mary Kay products! Next time someone is about to buy just one product, ask them if they want to pair it with another complimenting item. Asking a follow-up questions has the power to double your sales—we promise!

Sweeten the Deal

It’s the holidays, a time of giving, and the perfect time to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. So in turn, we suggest you always end the sale by offering to sweeten the deal with some of your lower priced products. Think about it (here goes another food example), you’re at a restaurant and just finished the main course. The waiter comes around and suggests you try the pie of the day, chocolate mousse, for dessert. You contemplate it for a minute; chocolate mousse is delicious and not as expensive as other food selections. It sounds like a sweet deal (literally and figuratively), so you order dessert and love every bite.

This same strategy can be applied to your holiday sales. Select a lower-priced product and suggest it to your clients like a dessert. You’ll be sweetly surprised by the amount of items you sell when you follow this tip.

Give these hot tips a try and watch your holiday sales soar! And did you know, if you share the love of UnitWise with other Mary Kay Independent Consultants, Directors, and NSD’s, you’ll get a month free? With every four eligible referrals you make to UnitWise, we’ll give you a month of your subscription free. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s UnitWise!


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