9 Fun Ways to Thank Your Unit This Thanksgiving

The holidays are officially here! It’s time to fix delicious meals, watch the Macy’s Day Parade, and tell everyone in our lives how thankful we are for them. Hooray, for Thanksgiving!

Although food and sales preparations are on your mind, take time this holiday to let your Unit know how much you appreciate them. And what better way to do that than with these nine fun Thanksgiving activities.

1. Lunch Dates

In the spirit of eating a lot of food, why not take your Unit members out for lunch? You can do this individually with each member or as a whole group—either way it’s a great way to say thank you. And to make it fun, go to a place you normally would never go.

2. Handwritten “Thank You” Cards

Didn’t you love making handwritten cards when you were younger or how about receiving them? The thought and the effort that goes behind handwritten cards really shows your Unit how much you care. It’s also a fun activity to do one evening.

3. Do One Favor

Doesn’t it feel good when someone does a favor for you? Of course it does! Well, you can do the same for your Unit this holiday. Whether it’s bringing them lunch, or helping them throw a party, let them know you’ll do them a favor and take care of it.

4. Host a “Worksgiving”

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with friends and a potluck meal? Open your house up for all of your Unit members to come over with their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Play some music and enjoy the afternoon together.

5. Wall of Fame

On your My Website, create a “Wall of Fame” or “Wall of Achievement” for your Unit members. You can even promote it on your Facebook to let other people know how great your Unit is, and how much you appreciate them. It will make them feel good—trust us.

6. Training Opportunity

You noticed that one of your Unit members is doing really well hosting parties. She has great turn outs and sells a lot of products. Well, why not show her how impressed you are by asking her to offer a training session for your other Unit members? She can share her wisdom and feel more confident in her abilities, while your other Unit members get valuable training information.

7. Remember the Little Things

Remember the personal stuff about your Unit members, like their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It might not be an outright “thank you” but it does show them that you remember the things that are important to them. And with UnitWise, you can input all of those key dates into the calendar feature and get reminders when an event is about to occur.

8. Holiday Family Time

When you sell Mary Kay products, it feels like the workday never ends, right? Well, this holiday season take time to enjoy your family. Put your phone on silent and play a board game with your children. And do the same for your Unit. Let them enjoy the time with their family without worrying too much about their Mary Kay business. It will let them know just how much you respect their life outside of work.

9. Just say “Thank You”

Sometimes all it takes is for you to say the words “thank you.” Show your Unit members you care by telling them how much you appreciate them and the work they do for you and with you. 

So as you celebrate this wonderful holiday with your family and your Unit, take time to be thankful for people in your life. And from all of us here at UnitWise, we want to say “Happy Thanksgiving.”  We’re so thankful to have you as a part of our family.


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