A New Way To Spend Thanksgiving This Year!

It’s Thanksgiving; the perfect time to tell everyone in your life just how thankful you are for them. So Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so thankful to have you as part of the UnitWise family. This holiday, why not do something a little different around your house? Keep reading to see what we have in mind!
This Thanksgiving, take time to sit down with people in your family, listen to their stories, and record them. That’s right, interview your family members! It’s a treasure you can pass down from generation to generation, and it’s a great opportunity to learn something new about the people you love.
So we might have borrowed this idea from the Library of Congress, but we absolutely love it! The Library of Congress is inviting people to submit interviews they’ve held with their older family members. It’s called The Great Thanksgiving Listen—how cool is that? You, your children, and other family members can participate and submit their recordings to the Library of Congress. These interviews will be available in the StoryCorps archives housed in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. The mission of The Great Thanksgiving Listen is to foster connections between generations, and to send the message that people, their stories, and memories do matter. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your holiday listening, sharing, and enjoying the memories of your family? We thought so too!  
If you would like to participate in the Library of Congress’ project, you can download theStoryCorps app for free. They’ll provide you a list a of suggested questions to get the conversation started, and then all you have to do is start listening! This is your chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to, learn something new, and appreciate your family members on a whole other level.
We hope you have a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving! And remember, if you need any emergency support, the UnitWise heroes will be available to lend their assistance. We’ll be offering emergency email support the entire holiday season, so send us an email at heroes@unitwise.com. We’ll be happy to help!


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