9 Ways to Keep Your Healthy Glow all Winter Long

Winter is in the air, well starting Tuesday that is, but you better start now on protecting your skin! When it comes to cold air and low humidity, the air becomes greedy and tries to steal all the moisture away from your skin every second of the day. I know, sounds pretty threatening! And did I mention that the health of your hair is at stake too? Yep, you have to protect both your hair and skin from the harsh winter winds. So, here are nine ways to help you keep a healthy glow all winter long. After you give these tips a try, let me know the results!

1. Use Lukewarm Water

Since Star Wars just came out I have a joke to start out this tip: What is the temperature inside a tauntaun? Lukewarm!

OK, maybe that didn’t make you laugh as much as I thought it would, but my suggestion to help keep you skin looking healthy and bright this season is to avoid the hot showers and wash your face in lukewarm water. Lukewarm water doesn’t strip away as much oil from your skin as hot water does, working wonder for the health and appearance of your skin.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

A habit that I recently started is moisturizing my face right after I wash it. During the winter, your skin needs moisture all the time, and especially right after the shower. When you moisturize damp skin it helps seal in the dampness, giving you amazing results all day long.

3. Be Selective with Your Moisturizer

Avoid, avoid, avoid petroleum-based moisturizers! These moisturizers can actually dry your skin out more. But of course we don’t need to tell you much about selecting the right moisturizer, Mary Kay has excellent products to choose from. My suggestion, though, is to select a creamier moisturizer.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin

Your skin, as lovely as this is about to sound, has to shed its dead cells. When you have an excess of dead cells, it won’t matter how much moisturizing you’re doing. The dead cells are blocking the moisture from reaching your healthy skin. And I know, it’s easy to forget with all the washing and moisturizing, but you have to exfoliate your skin. An exfoliating body wash or a mask are great ways to give your skin the immediate moisture and smoothness it so desperately needs.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Think of your favorite wintertime drink. It’s probably a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee, right? We tend to drink more warm beverages during the winter, but because of that you’re probably not drinking a lot of water. So to compromise with your hot beverage cravings and need for water; try warming your water up and adding a flavor to it like lemon.

6. Layer up

When it comes to both your hair and your skin, the best way to keep the healthy glow is to protect it. So, bundle up! I wear a hat a lot of the times to protect my hair from the rain, snow, and the wind. But I know some of you are thinking, “what about the hat hair?” There is a way around the dreaded hat hair; you could use a scarf or go for a slouchy beanie. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a great way to save your hair this winter. Also, wearing a scarf close to your face can help protect your skin from drying out due to the harsh temperature and wind.

7. Buy a Humidifier

This little tip is great for both your skin and hair, and everything else in your house! A humidifier puts moisture back into the air, helping you keep that glowing, vibrant look. Buy a humidifier and say goodbye to dry skin and static-riddled hair!

8. Deep Conditioning Treatments

Your ends need all the support they can get this winter season, which is why a deep conditioning treatment is so important. A deep conditioning will help seal in the ends and protect them from the threatening winter winds.

9. Keep it Trimmed

OK, so you’re trying to grow your hair out for summer; I get it. But healthy and beautiful hair has to have a few good trims throughout the winter months. Your hair will break and actually get shorter if you do not trim it. No one wants split ends making their way up your hair, now do they?

Keeping your healthy glow this winter isn’t hard to do! Just remember that moisture is your biggest friend this season, so keep it handy and apply often. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned to UnitWise. And if you haven’t already, be sure to give the gift of UnitWise to your director and NSD friends! For every four eligible referrals you’ll get a month for free.


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