A Great Last Minute Gift Idea

Are you still scrambling to find the perfect gift for your group of friends? Ugh, I would dread the thought of having to search for a parking spot, struggle to find the perfect gift, and then wait in line for an hour just to get presents. Seems draining!

If you ask me, I’d rather be spending time around the fire, baking some sugar cookies, and singing Christmas carols. But I mean, that’s just me afterall. Maybe you like the mad holiday rush. Oh! You don’t? You’re wanting to give a gift to all of your friends that doesn’t cause you to spend your whole Christmas in a line. Well why didn’t you say something? We have the perfect give idea for you: UnitWise! Give your friends the gift of UnitWise this Christmas.

UnitWise was designed for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, Directors, and NSD’s to have more fun when it comes to managing their business. Yeah we said it, have more fun! To see how much fun you and your friends could be having this season with UnitWise, keep reading!  


When it comes to marketing, we have you covered! From email, to texting, to social media, we can help make sure all of your Unit members stay up-to-date and are meeting their accomplishments. Talk about convenience, am I right?

 Invoicing (1).png

Why hassle with trying to remember all of your inventory, when you can browse through it all on any device? Our thoughts exactly! With the inventory management feature, you can know exactly how many products you have on hand and ones you need to restock. Our ideal inventory level feature also helps when you’re ready to place a wholesale order but need to know which product you’re running low on.


No one likes having to deal with numbers, so why do it? When you join UnitWise, we’ll do the accounting work for you. We’ll help you keep track of your customers’ invoices, all of your expenses, and get you ready for tax season when it rolls around.

Invoicing (2).jpg

Keep your Unit connected and working towards their accomplishments with a website! UnitWise provides you a free website with an unlimited amount of web pages. From sharing training resources, to scheduling meetings and event dates, to posting pictures, you can do it all from your UnitWise website. And we offer over 25 templates to let you bring elegance and sparkle to all of your pages. 

With all of our time-saving features, UnitWise is like 28 gifts in one! Who’s the best gift-giving friend, now? You are when you give the gift of UnitWise. And since it’s the giving season, for every four eligible referrals to UnitWise, we'll give you a month free!! That’s right, the more you give, the more you’ll receive. So start gift giving, today!  


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