“Mary” Christmas: 7 Festive Makeup Looks for the Season

“Mary” Christmas, everybody!

The lights are twinkling, stars are shining, and your makeup is radiantly glowing. That is, if you follow these 10 makeup looks we put together for the holiday season. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a party, a get-together, or just hosting Christmas dinner at your house—these looks will have you shimmering. Speaking of shimmer, here’s our first tip!

1. Use Shimmer

From the lights to the tinsel, Christmas is all about glowing and shining bright, which is why you should use shimmer. Known as highlighting makeup, shimmer helps bring a sweep of color to your face, and catches people’s eyes every time you move. We suggest using shimmer on your cheekbones, below your brow bone, and on the inner corner of your eyes. Word to the wise, choose the right type of highlighting for your skin tone: fair beauties should use pink-based tones and dark-skinned beauties should use golden tones.

2. Blushing with Happiness

Blush is mandatory for your festive Christmas look! Just like jolly ole Saint Nicholas, you want to amp up the rosiness in your cheeks. Our suggestion to create the perfect blush look is to use a lighter blush first and then apply a darker shade over it. And then you’re ready to go, beautiful lady!

3. Line Those Dynamic Eyes

Be bold this Christmas, apply eyeliner in a sweeping, cat eye fashion. I know the cat-eye look has been around for a little bit now, but it’s the best way to give your holiday appearance the elegant statement that ties your whole look together. Our suggestion to get the perfect line is to swap the pencil for the liquid. Close your eye, start from the inner corner, and move the line outward. You can even add a wing at the end. And to make sure that elegant line really pops, keep your eyeshadow to a soft pink.

4. Luscious Lips

Nothing pulls a look together quite like lipstick. Of course, we don’t need to tell you what shade looks the loveliest on you, but we do suggest that you add a touch of shimmer to it. Try adding a clear lipgloss on top to make the color pop.

5.  Be Brow, Be Beautiful

So this is the one area of makeup I always forget to include. Brows are a magical little feature that can help frame our face and give it a lift. To properly make over your brows, first groom them (cutting them shorter, if necessary). Then pick up an eyebrow pencil that will match your natural eyebrow color. Carefully shade in any bare spots to create a beautiful look.  

6. Switch Up Your Hair Part

Are you like me and always wear your hair parted in the same place on a daily basis? Well this Christmas season, part it differently. Of course, your hair naturally prefers to lay a certain way, but you can always make the part deeper or smaller on one side. I part my hair to the left, but when I want to change up the look for a party, for example, I part my hair to the left an inch more. It’s an easy change, but it gives your hair a dramatic look.

7. Get Frenchie and Do Your Nails

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season than with perfectly manicured nails! Go out and pamper yourself with a French manicure. It will dress up any outfit and leave you feeling confident for any occasion.

I hope you find these holiday tips festive enough for whatever you have planned for Christmas! And if you haven’t heard, the UnitWise Heroes will be out of the office to celebrate the Christmas season with our families. We will return on Monday, December 28th. However, if you need any emergency support for your UnitWise account please don’t hesitate to send us an email at heroes@unitwise.com. Also, if you need any help with applying your makeup look, well, don’t ask these UnitWise Heroes. Check out these hilarious results!


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