3 Things You Might Not Know About the New MyUnitBuzz App

Ladies (and gentlemen), the moment and the app you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! The UnitWise Heroes are proud to present MyUnitBuzz, the app exclusively designed for Mary Kay Directors and NSDs to better communicate with their Unit. Are you ready to see what we have in store for you? There are plenty of surprises to discover when you download the MyUnitBuzz app! But to help with the excitement, we thought we’d let you in on some secrets! Here are three things you might not know about with the new MyUnitBuzz app.

1. It’s Not Just for Directors and NSDs

Yes, it’s true! Although we’ve promoted this app to be exclusively designed for Directors and NSDs, your entire Unit can enjoy it to. Here’s how!  

A Director or NSD is the only person with access to make changes, update the calendar, share pictures, send customizable messages, and post statuses. But your Unit members have access to view all of this information in one location: the MyUnitBuzz app. Instead of wandering around, switching between several different websites, your Unit can view all of the important information you’re sharing for them, right from one app.

2. It’s full of features

Alright, you might have already known that this app was full of features, but did you know what type of features? From Career Paths, to setting goals, sending messages, and uploading valuable resource material, you can share it all with your Unit in your MyUnitBuzz app. Here’s a quick snippet of the types of features you’ll love:

  • Events: You can send invites to parties, assign event tasks to your Unit members, and keep track of all your RSVPs.
  • Goals: Keep your Unit on target by sharing weekly goals and praising accomplishments.
  • Career Path: Trying to help your Unit members keep motivated? It’s easier than ever when you send goal reminders, accomplishment announcements, and scheduled targets.
  • Social feed: Forget having to remember countless logins and passwords. You can post statuses to all of your social media pages from just one location.
  • Messages: Instead of individually texting your Unit members, you can now send mass, customizable messages right to your MyUnitBuzz app for your whole Unit to read.
  • Resources: Nothing is more important than training! You can upload and share documents instantly with your Unit members.
  • Image Gallery: Have pictures from recent parties or Leadership Week that you want to share with your Unit? Now you can instantly do so with the MyUnitBuzz app.
3. You Can Have Your Whole App Ready-to-go in 6 Easy Steps!

The MyUnitBuzz app is buzzing with excitement, ready for you to give it a try and start using it to communicate more and more with your Unit. To get started using the MyUnitBuzz app, log on to your UnitWise account (on your desktop computer). Select the new “MyUnitBuzz” icon located along the top menu bar. Check the “I agree” box located at the bottom of the terms and conditions, and start customizing!

But what’s a party without inviting your friends along? You can invite your Unit to enjoy viewing your MyUnitBuzz app by simply clicking on the “Invite Access” icon on the left sidebar, selecting “Team Members Without Access”, and clicking on the “Provide Access” button. And you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

We hope you enjoy using your MyUnitBuzz app, but please remember that this app is still a Beta version. It’s the perfect time to try it out and let us know what you want to see, things we should change, and features we should add. Afterall, this app is customized and tailored to fit your needs! Share a comment with us, give us a call at 704-234-6006, chat with us online at www.UnitWise.com, or send us an email at heroes@support.com. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and collect all of your feedback to make our app that much better.


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