Avoid These Classic Home Office Decorating Mistakes

We’ve all done it. We’ve bought a chair that’s horribly uncomfortable, or a rug that’s just too rough, or a lamp that makes a soft humming sound when it’s on. You know, the classic decorating mistakes we’ve made when it comes to our home office.

So whether it’s buying an inventory shelf that’s too tall for the room or a piece of furniture with barely any storage space, here are a few decorating mistakes you’ll want to watch out for when it comes to decorating your home office. We like to avoid calamities!

Classic Mistake #1: Decoration Explosion

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to have a decoration explosion, where you simply have too much stuff on your desk, your shelves, and your walls. Although you want to decorate with everything you have, it can make your office look cluttered, causing quite a bit of distraction too.

Our Solution: You’ll want to go with a minimalistic approach when decorating your office. Instead of putting family pictures in standup frames, you can purchase matching frames and have them hanging on your wall. When it comes to smaller decorations, try to make them as inconspicuous as possible on your desk.

Classic Mistake #2: Uncomfortable Furniture

So, you found the perfect chairs for your office, and one for behind your desk. They’re chic and match your other decor perfectly, but they’re uncomfortable. Well my friend, why spend your time sitting on a chair that makes you miserable? Although it might complete the room, if you purchase an uncomfortable chair you won't spend any time in that decorated office of yours.

Our Solution: Slow down and take your time picking out a chair that is both comfortable and chic. There are plenty of them out there, just takes some time to find them and wait for them to go on sale. Trust us, waiting a few days is better than sitting in uncomfortable chairs.

Classic Mistake #3: Cords Galore

You’ve meticulously decorated, and everything has its place, except the cords. Cords are frustrating, they’re a big necessity in your office, but they’re not the cutest look.

Our Solution: Before you do any decorating, hide the cords. If you don’t take care of these nuisances first, you’ll never get around to doing it. Try bunching the cords together with zip ties and run them down one of the legs of your desk.

Classic Mistake #4: Different Size Furniture

Nothing detracts from the look of your office then different sized furniture. For example, you have a tiny desk, next to a giant wardrobe, next to a wall-to-wall inventory shelf. Feeling a little like it’s just a hodge-podge of furniture placed in a room together, right?

Our Solution: When it comes to decorating your home office, try buying your furniture in a set or attempt to keep the same theme throughout your entire room. Although it’s easy to purchase a desk first and then wait to buy other furniture pieces at random times, it is difficult to tell if the furniture pieces you’re purchasing are going to compliment each other.

Classic Mistake #5: Poor Lighting

No matter where you’re working, you need to have adequate lighting. Many people fail to think about purchasing a lamp because they feel like overhead fluorescents will be good enough. Wrong!

Our Solution: Find a desk lamp that will compliment the theme of your office. You’ll want to go with a desk lamp so that you can have enough lighting where you’re working. You might also want to think about the placement of your desk near a window. Natural lighting is the best for your eyes.

Classic Mistake #6: No Storage

When it comes to a home office, the more storage space you have, the better. But purchasing furniture pieces without available storage space can be a real problem. You’ll have to resort to buying more furniture or storage shelves to accommodate all of your products.

Our Solution: Most furniture for offices comes with hidden compartments and storage areas. It gives your office a great chic, minimalistic look, with plenty of room for all of your Mary Kay inventory.

Ready to avoid these classic decorating mistakes? Let us know how you decorated your home office by sharing a photo of it on our Facebook page. And remember, to help you keep organized be sure to check out UnitWise, the business management solution designed exclusively for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, Directors and NSDs. It’s for free the first 15 days.


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