Brighten up Your Eyes for Leadership Week

Happy Leadership Week!

As you’re working your way through this exciting week, are you learning new tips, meeting fellow consultants, and celebrating everyone’s accomplishments, all while losing a little bit of sleep? We thought so! And although we might not be able to help you in the sleep department, we can offer some makeup tips to brighten up your tired, leadership-week eyes.

Tip #1 - Concealer

Concealer is the magic elixir in a bottle, smoothing out our faces and giving us a nice even skin tone—perfect solution when morning comes too early. To start out your bright eye look, give your face a nice once-over with some concealer, concentrating on the area under your eyes to help reduce the look of dark circles.

Tip #2 - Highlight

After you’ve evened out your skintone, it’s time to apply some color back to your face. A highlighting powder helps accent your lovely cheekbones, catches the lights, and draws attention to your eyes. Use highlighting powder very lightly, with a fluffier blush as compared to a powder or blush brush. Using a fluffy brush helps to create a softer, more even highlighting look.

Tip #3 - Blush

Blushing a little bit is important! Blush works wonders to sculpt and bring life to your face, as well as brighten your eyes. Start from the apples of your cheeks and sweep it towards your hairline. Whenever my eyes need a little extra boost of sparkle, I usually pick blushes that are slightly brighter in color, such as corals and pinks.

Tip #4 - Colored Eye Pencils

If you only had time to apply one beauty product in the morning, would you reach for eyeliner? Eyeliner is a wonderful little product that can really help brighten your eyes up. But why stick with the traditional brown or black color? Mix it up! Find a playful color that will give a pop to those eyes of yours. Blues, whites, purples, etc., are great colors to choose from and will definitely catch people’s attention.

Tip #5 - Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes and then applying mascara is the perfect combination to brighten up your tired eyes. Eyelash curlers help to lift your lashes up and bring them out. And when you follow it with a sweep of mascara, your eyes will be something to admire!

Tip #6 - Eyeshadows

Of course, there’s no better product for accenting your eyes than eyeshadow! Now you don’t have to overdo it or mix too many colors to get the perfect look. My advice is to apply a neutral color to your lids, with an accent color on the outside, and then a softer (I usually choose a white or light pink) color for the inside corner and the area right below your eyebrow. 

Don’t walk around with a tired look on your face during one of Mary Kay’s biggest weeks. Liven up your tired eyes today and go on celebrating! What do you do to help bring your eyes to life? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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