Finding the Perfect Perfume For You

Ah perfume! The glorious spray you spritz yourself with after you’ve done your hair, put on your makeup, and picked out the right outfit. But it has us wondering, is there a right type of perfume for your body type, just like there’s a right type of foundation for your skintone? Well, we’re on a mission to find out!  

The Terminology

Who would have thought that perfume could be so complicated? Just take a look at the terminology for example! There are about five different types of perfume terminology you’ll need to know before selecting the perfect scent for you. We put it in a nice list from the least expensive to the most.
  • Eau de Cologne: This is a three to five percent oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. It’s a lighter type of perfume.
  • Eau de Toilette: Contains about four to eight percent perfume oil and it is mixed in alcohol instead of water.
  • Eau de Parfum: Holds a higher percentage of perfume oil which is between 15 to 18 percent, and it’s mixed with alcohol.
  • Perfume:  As the top perfume, before you hit your absolutes, this mixture is about 15 to 30 percent oil and it’s mixed with alcohol.
  • Absolutes: Just as their name suggests, absolutes are pure and natural extracts from a flower/vegetable. It comes in a very small dose and it tends to be extremely expensive.
Meet the Family

So if you weren’t caught off guard with the terminology of the perfume section, wait until you meet the family! Yep, in the perfume world there are four different types of fragrances: floral, citrus, oriental, and woody. Knowing which family you’ll want your scent to fall into can help you narrow down your perfume selection.

So Many Choices—How Do You Decide?

Choosing the right perfume can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re sampling smells and they’re all starting to smell the same. So here’s what we suggest doing:

  1. Spray the perfume on a card, smell it and then wait five to ten minutes before smelling it again. This will give the perfume time to settle and exhibit it’s true scent.
  2. Know your skin type is also important when selecting the type of perfume. If you have drier skin, the scent won’t last as long. So you’ll want to pick a perfume that’s higher in oil percentage, such as a Eau de Parfum or Perfume.
  3. Shop for your perfume later in the day. Our sense of smell is keener during the evening, and in warmer weather. When you shop during these times, you’ll get the best smell of each perfume.

You Found One, Now What?

So you finally found the perfect scent that you know fits you perfectly, but there’s more you have to do! Oh yes, to really capture the truest scent, there are additional steps you can do:
  1. Update all of your other toiletries, such as your bodywash, lotions, even your deodorant to either unscented or a scent that only complements, not overshadows.
  2. Spritz perfume only on your pulse points: the center of your neck, behind the ear, your wrist, and behind the knee (we know, it’s weird). If you want a lighter scent, spritz perfume in the air and then walk through it. We also suggest you avoid spraying perfume on your clothes and just apply it on your bare skin— some perfumes can stain clothes. Just don’t overdo the spritzing.
  3. To make the scent of perfume last throughout the entire day, spritz yourself with some right after you shower. Your pores are open, helping perfume to be absorbed more.

Ready to go find the perfect perfume for you? Let us know what scents are your favorite in the comment section below or share them with us on our Facebook page. 

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