6 Inspiring Leadership Traits to Copy

In today’s world, it can be difficult for people to stay motivated and to want to continue down the same path for too long. With new technological developments, changing lifestyle trends, etc.—not a day goes by that something can’t be improved on. So, let’s start today! Improve your leadership skills and inspire your Unit more than ever before with these six inspiring leadership traits.


It’s pretty logical if you think about it. If you want to be an inspiring leader for others, you first need to inspire yourself. Passion drives success, and when you show your Unit your passion for what you do, they’ll be sure to follow. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be extremely passionate about the products you sell. Gasp! I know, but hear me out. Your passion can extend past just the products to include being passionate about helping someone feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. Phew, recovered that one!

Personable and Authentic

Most of your Unit members work hard every day to reach the goals you have set for the team—whether that’s by increasing sales by 10% or gaining a new customers. However, if you truly want to keep your Unit members inspired and working harder towards a goal, show them that there is something in it for them. Your Unit members want to know, “is what I’m doing going to help me become a Director, myself?” If you can answer that question, you’ll have a Unit full of inspired people! And the best way to do this is by being personable with your Unit. Talk candidly to them and let them know you’re here to help them succeed in every way possible. Hey, have you tried MyUnitBuzz? It makes communicating with your Unit easier to do, and it’s free with a UnitWise account.


Now I know it can be difficult to always be optimistic, but as a leader, you should never let your negativity show. Most great leaders have a positive attitude, helping them encourage their team to keep working hard, even when problems arise. Just like having enthusiasm, being positive can take your success as a leader to new heights.


My mother always told me, “you attract more flies with honey than you do vinegar.” It’s a lesson I’ve applied to all aspects of my life and one you too can use as a leader. When you show your Unit compassion and kindness, the reward you’ll get in return is an inspired team. People want to work for someone who shows kindness to them, who is there to guide and help them when they need it. A kind leader is always the best type to be.


Admit it, there’s always one person in the Unit who can triple the sales of any other Unit member. They’re great at what they do, but does that mean you always give them attention and ignore everyone else? We sure hope not! One of the best ways to keep all of your Unit members inspired is to show fairness to everyone. Give equal attention to everyone in your Unit, not just the ones excelling at making sales. When you do, your Unit will be more eager to work harder, knowing that what they’re doing is appreciated.


You don’t just become a leader (Director or NSD) overnight. It takes years of hard work, determination, and skill to get to where you are. But that doesn’t mean people need to respect you instantly—respect is earned. By knowing how to walk the walk and talk the talk, you’ll gain more respect and inspire your Unit members to be better each and every day.

A little bit of kindness, fairness, and respectfulness can go a long way. So, directors and NSDs, what do you think about these traits of an inspiring leader? Let us know in the comment section below, or share your own traits with us on our Facebook page.


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