7 Foundational Secrets of Foundation

Flawless foundation doesn’t have to be a myth! You can get stunning foundation results every day with just a few simple tricks. Ready to find out what they are?

And for all of you makeup artists out there, quiz yourself and see how many of these foundational secrets of foundation you knew!

Secret #1: Select the Right Shade

Every time I go to buy a new bottle of foundation, my mother’s voice echoes in the back of my head, “Make sure your face matches your neck.” And if you’ve seen our guys and girls Mary Kay makeup challenge, you’ll see that that’s the number one mistake the guys made when applying the girls’ makeup. (If you missed the makeup video, view it here.)

So to make sure that you’re well-blended, it’s best to try out foundation shades on your jawbone, instead of the back of your hand. Trust me, it makes a huge difference!  

Secret #2: Buy Two!

Depending on the season, you may want to purchase two different shades of foundation. In many cases, mine for sure, foreheads and cheeks become tanner than the rest of a person’s face during the summer. So what I do to keep my face looking natural is purchase two different shades—a dark and a light. I apply the darker foundation in places that appear tanner (my forehead and nose) and lighter foundations on my chin, under my eyes, and the hollows of my cheek. It helps give me the natural summer look I’m wanting.

Secret #3: Use a Foundation Brush

If you’re anything like me, the thought of using a foundation brush just seems like too much effort. But if you want the perfect, flawless foundation look, you’ve got to reach for that brush. And it’s true, although I rarely use a brush, it does create a smooth finish. Brushes provide a more even coverage to your face, compared to other methods.

Secret #4: Go Down, Not Up

Hooray for purchasing a foundation brush, but now you need to make sure you use it just right. When creating your beautiful, flawless foundation look, always swipe downwards with the brush. Wondering why? By swiping the brush in an upward movement, you cause foundation to fill your pores—in turn making them appear more noticeable.

Secret #5: Always Start in the Middle

All of the redness that I have in my skin tends to be in my T-zone area (forehead and nose). So I typically start in the middle because it’s where the most coverage needs to be. I apply the majority of my foundation on my T-zone and then work the foundation outward. This helps my cheeks, my nose, and my forehead get the coverage they need without my face appearing caked with makeup.

Secret #6: A Light Dusting

So you’ve applied the foundation and got the coverage you need, but you still want to add a dust of powder to your face? Why of course you do! Powder helps settle and set your foundation, but too much is just, well, too much! To avoid over-powdering, it’s best to keep powder just to the T-zone area. It will give you the right coverage and evenness your skin needs without overdoing it.

Secret #7: Wash and Moisturizer

And to create your perfect makeup look, always make sure your wash off all of your makeup off and moisturizer your face at the end of the night. Removing your makeup helps your skin to breathe and to repair any damage it might have received throughout the day. Moisturizing also puts in much needed vitamins and nutrients that bring life and a beautiful glow to your skin.

OK, tally them up! How many of these foundational makeup secrets did you know? And even if you knew all of them, they’re great tricks to share with potential clients or at your next Mary Kay party.


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