Fall in Love with These Perfect Valentine Makeup Looks!

Aw Valentine’ Day! A day filled with chocolate, flowers, love, and oh yes—makeup! It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without dinner, a movie, and a new bold makeup look. So are you ready to try a new look for your big Valentine’s date? If you are, then we have some exciting makeup tips to give you that extra sparkle. Check them out!

And for those not really interested in Valentine’s Day, these are still great makeup secrets to know, so you should still take a peek!

Makeup Tip #1: Flushed Cheeks

Flushed cheeks—the perfect touch of color for your sparkling face! Want to know how you can get the look? You’ll need: brushes, blush, and highlighting powder. After you’ve applied foundation to your face, blend in blush that is pink with a touch of warmth in it to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping it back towards your ear. To really make your cheeks stand out, apply highlighting powder right above your cheekbones. And there you go, perfectly flushed cheeks!

Makeup Tip #2: Shimmery, Dewy Complexion

Ever see those girls in the movie or in pictures that have almost a dewy-like complexion? Gorgeous, right? Well lucky for us, this look is actually easier to achieve than you might think! Before applying any makeup, amp up your moisturizing game by using hydration mask. This splash of moisture to your face will help your foundation go on like butter and your face to shimmer!

Makeup Tip #3: Eyes that Sparkle

Really capture your partner’s eye this holiday with the perfect shimmer. To get the look, grab two shimmery eyeshadows, one darker, one lighter. Apply the darker eyeshadow (I prefer to use a fluffier brush) to the outer corner of your eye, and then work in the lighter shade towards the inner and underneath. Remember to blend!

Makeup Tip #4: Puuurfect Cat Eye

While we’re on the subject of eyes, why not add in a bit of daring with a dramatic set of cat eyes. You know, the winged-tip design you create with eyeliner? All you need is a liquid eyeliner (works the best) to create this look! Start from the innermost corner of your eye and draw a line along and then out past the outermost corner, creating a sharp line at the end.

Makeup Tip #5: Pink it up!

Of course everyone says the color of Valentine’s is red, but what if we told you, you should reach for the pink lipstick instead! Although red is bold and beautiful, pink is a great color to choose if you want to go for a softer, more natural look.

Makeup Tip #6: Plump Your Lashes

Bring more attention to those beautiful eyes of yours by adding some volume to your lashes. If you want to know how to get that perfect lash look, check out one of our previous makeup blogs here.

Makeup Tip #7: Smile and Have Fun

One of the prettiest accessories a person could ever have/wear is their smile. No amount of highlighting powder can brighten your face quite like your smile can. So wear it proudly and enjoy spending time with people you love this Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for a special date with your honey or a night out on the town with friends? Whatever your occasion, we hope these makeup tips have helped! Let us know in the comment section below or share with us on our Facebook page what your plans are for Valentine’s Day and how you are going to do your makeup!


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