How Did She Do it? Balance Your Work and Home Life Like Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash—an entrepreneur, a founder, a mother, a wife. Starting a company with an annual revenue of four billion dollars, with over 35 markets around the world—Mary Kay Ash created a successful (awe-inspiring) legacy for herself. But how did she do it? How was Ms. Ash able to balance her work and her home life? And what lessons can we learn from her?

Keep reading to find out how you can balance your work and home life, just like Mary Kay!

1. Believe in Yourself

If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.

The first thing you need to do when trying to reorganize and rebalance your work and home life is to believe in yourself. When you do, you’ll exude the confidence you need to get everything done with work–whether that’s a party or a demo in the mall—and be able to go home at night and not worry about it until the next day.

2. Stick to it

Give yourself something to work toward–constantly.

When you set up your work hours—stick to the plan. You’ll never be able to balance your work and home life if you don’t adhere to what you set as boundaries. You might have to break the rule from time to time, but as Mary Kay Ash would say, you always have to work to reach what you want.

3. Choose What Really Matters

You can have anything in this world you want, if you want it badly enough and you’re willing to pay the price.

When you decide you really want to balance your work and home life, you’ll need to choose what really matters. Is being home in time to greet your kids from the bus stop important? Or is it alright to plan a Mary Kay party around 7 p.m.? You have to answer the questions for yourself, and when you figure out what really matters, and when it matters—you’ll be able to start balancing your work and home life, perfectly.

4. Know That it Takes Time

A good goal is like a strenuous exercise—it makes you stretch.

Just like any good goal, it takes times and work to get there. To have a healthy, productive work life and a happy home life, it will take time to learn the balance, or what works and doesn’t. There may be times when you need to schedule demos during home time, or when you need to cut into work time to attend a family matter.  And that’s OK, just know that finding the perfect balance takes time and practice. As Mary Kay Ash says, it makes you stretch.

So friends, understand that it takes time, you’ll have to decide what really matters, believe that you can find the perfect balance, and above all, be able to stick to it. We hope you find these tips helpful. And before you go, we’ll leave you with a final quote from Ms. Mary Kay Ash

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.


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