How to Tell if You Have a Fear of Selling

We’re all afraid of something. I happen to be terrified of birds (thanks, Hitchcock)! Yours might be the fear of heights, losing your favorite pair of earrings, or maybe it’s the eight-legged bugs that like to visit your home on occasion. I bet you never thought that making sales could be a fear. It’s true! Think about it this way, have you ever felt apprehension or nervousness when meeting with a customer? If so, you might just have a fear of selling. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back and can help you triumph over these fears in no time. See how many fears you have and how you can overcome them!

Fear #1 : Meeting With New Clients

We like to call this the fear of calling or scheduling a demo with a new customer. Meeting with a new client for the first time has its frightening moments, which might cause your palms to sweat and your voice to shake. And although your new customer isn’t scary, the thought of trying to impress, convince, and persuade them to take an interest in your product is frightfully intimidating.

The best way to overcome this fear is to understand that generally, people aren’t mean or malicious. At most, a new customer will most likely just tell you that they aren’t interested at the moment. You shouldn’t be scared to confront people or ask them if they would like to sample any of your products. If they say no, they simply just say no. All you have to do is move on to the next one.

Fear #2: The Unknown Answer

So yeah—people like to ask questions, especially when it’s with a product they’ve never tried before. Knowing that people might ask you questions instantly triggers the fear that you not know the answer to a question they ask. But the beauty of it is how you respond to the question. You don’t need to fear that the customer might walk away. Just be honest! If you don’t know the answer, inform them that you don’t know that right away but if they have time you’ll give your Director a call, or do some research. It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for your clients.

Fear #3: Something Going Wrong During a Demo

It could happen, you drop the powder, spill the mascara, or smear lipstick. Embarrassing, right? And if you did it in front of a new customer, I’m sure you would just want to crawl under the table. As embarrassed as you might feel, there’s no going back from the mistake. The best thing you can do is laugh. That’s right, laugh it off. It will help you feel less embarrassed, and it’s a great way to get your customer to feel more comfortable.

Fear #4: Not Being Able to Close the Sale

Unfortunately, we let the fear of not being able to close the sale (fear of rejections) inhabit our minds. This fear causes problems like: we choke up; we don’t sound excited about the products, etc. So before we get much further, the one thing I can say is to just simply forget about this fear of not making a sale. It stops you from being yourself, stops you from expressing your passion, stops your customer’s interest. And I know, it sounds easier said than done but the way to make it happen is to simply have fun with your customers. Show them just how great the Mary Kay product lines are and the sale will close itself. Promise!

Fear #5: Not Succeeding

As the great Mary Kay expresses, “Even the smallest achievements pave a way to great success.” And it’s true! Take time to appreciate the little things in life and the accomplishments you are making. If your goal is to become a director or an NSD, you can do it with each sale you make. Have faith and believe in yourself, and stop worrying about the end goal—enjoy the journey.

Did you have a secret fear of selling? If you did, I hope we helped you overcome it! But remember, the UnitWise Heroes will always be here to lend our support and help fight off the bad guys (the fears) so you can get back to enjoying your Mary Kay business. 

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