Improving Your Confidence Can Help Boost Your Sales

When Maria in the Sound of Music was traveling to the Von Trapp family’s home to become the children’s new nanny, she was singing an inspirational song. Do you remember what is was?

“I have confidence in sunshine. I have confidence in rain. I have confidence that spring will come again. Besides which you see I have confidence in me!”

Ah, now you remember! Pretty catchy tune, right? And now that it’s officially stuck in my head (and yours) for the remainder of the day, I can explain why I chose to include it in this post. The main takeaways from the song called for you to believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. For Maria, she needed the confidence to travel to a new home to care for children she’s never met before. And for you, you need the confidence to meet new people every day, sell makeup, and be an outstanding Unit member. Because it seems the more confidence you have (just like for Maria), the better things (your sales) will be!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s boost your confidence and your sales!

Confidence Booster #1: Believe in What You Sell

I know I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but when you believe in your products, you’ll increase your sales. Luckily for you, you’re partnered with a company that has values and traits that almost everyone can get behind. And the quality of your products is top-notch, too! This helps make the part of believing in your products and company a little bit easier, doesn’t it?

When you have confidence in the quality of your products and what you do, you can reassure your potential customers of the value and effectiveness of what you’re offering them.

Confidence Booster #2: Practice Your Communication

We all do it. As soon as you start talking to someone you’ve never met before, it seems like your mouth becomes drier, your palms get sweatier, and your voice starts to tremble. It’s anxiousness, and it happens to all of us, which is why practice makes perfect. Before you can convincingly sell a product to a customer, you need to have confidence in what you’re going to say. Practice or write out the major takeaways you want your customer to know about the product(s) you’re selling. Prepare answers to potential questions you believe your customers might ask—it all helps!

To become more confident and sell more products, all it takes is a little bit of practice!

Confidence Booster #3: You Don’t Have to Know it All

There will be times when you just simply don’t know the answer to your customer’s questions, or you’re not sure about all the ingredients that go into making the product—that’s OK! You don’t have to be a walking book to make a sale; you just need your customers to know that you’re confident in what you sell and that you’ll find the answers for them.

So don’t panic! All you need to do is go the extra mile and find the answer. And hey, if you don't know something, isn't that what your awesome director is for? They’re there to help you when you need it the most!

Confidence Booster #4: Keep Up with Your Success

One of the absolute best ways to build your confidence is to write down all of your accomplishments. Did you sell five different products this week? Meet with a new client? Host a party? Those are all great successes and something you should be proud of!

When you write down and keep track of a record of your accomplishments, you’ll notice your confidence improving a little each day. Try it!

Confidence Booster #5: Think Long-Term in Your Goals

Goals! Everyone needs to set them so you have something to work towards on a daily basis. So what are some of your long-term goals? Do you want to become a Director or an NSD? Is a pink Cadillac your dream car? If so, then work towards that every day!

Knowing what you want or where you want to be is the biggest step you can take on your road to building your confidence. When you know the path you want to take and you’re confident about it, your sales will double in size. Just keep after it!

Alright, my friends, it’s time to believe in yourself, trust in your abilities, and have confidence! Once you’ve got all that lined up, you’ll be selling products left and right.

Do you have a secret to building your confidence? If so, share it with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you!


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