Stop the Stress Effect! Ways to Fight Signs of Stress on Your Skin


Stress is the worst! It can cause you to lose sleep, eat more food, and even breaks your skin out. Not fun! And with the fast-paced world speeding around us, it can be difficult to escape the stress of the day. There’s inventory to be restocked, demos with new clients to be held, and parties, parties, parties to plan. But your health and your skin’s health depend on you to stop the stress! So, my friends, don’t stress (yeah, we went there), the UnitWise Heroes are here to help you keep your beautiful skin healthy and smooth. Let’s get started!

Sleep, sleep, sleep

When you’re stressed, you don’t sleep very well. Stress affects your mind, causing it to continuously work. And when you don’t sleep well, your skin doesn’t have time to recoup from the busy day. Sleep is when our skin works to repair itself from any damage. Take away sleep and your skin might appear more stressed, uneven, and with the appearance of blemishes. So take advantage of at least seven hours of sleep—it’s why they call it beauty sleep after all.

Drink Black Tea

I am a big coffee drinker, but when I’m stressed, I always put down my thermos and pick up a mug of black tea—my favorite being Earl Grey. Studies conducted at University College London show that when participants were given a stressful task, those who drank tea had their cortisol levels drop by 47% after the assignment was finished. The control group’s (those who didn’t drink tea) cortisol level only dropped by 27%. To put it simply, those who drank black tea recovered faster after a stressful situation.    

Happy Exercising

Exercising, whether that’s by walking, running, swimming, hiking, etc. is a great way to boost your body’s circulation and fight the effects adrenaline (caused by stress) can have on your skin. And it’s also been proven that people who spend more time outside have lower cortisol levels. Trust me, anything you can do to reduce those cortisol levels is great!

Dancing Queen

How many of you have a favorite song that brightens your day every time you hear it? I know I have one—Down in the Valley by the Head and the Heart. It puts me in a good mood every. single. time. Studies show the more music you listen to during stressful situations, the calmer your body is. And when you’re calm, your skin doesn’t suffer from stress!

Mediate Now

With holistic practices like yoga, meditation, and reiki, stress doesn’t have to rule your mind (or your skin) anymore. Practicing daily bouts of meditation or yoga can reduce your cortisol levels by 20%. Is that amazing or what? By simply calming your mind, you can save yourself from being overly stressed and keep your skin healthy and smooth. Need help adapting to a more holistic lifestyle? Check out these awesome blogs on HealingRadius—a site dedicated to helping people find their center.   

How do you cope with stressful situations? Why don’t you give these methods a try and see how healthy your skin looks!

Do you have a great way to deal with stress and the effects it has on your skin? Let us know in the comment section below or share it with us on our Facebook page.


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