Get Rid of Dirty Makeup Brushes Once and for All

This past weekend, it seems we all enjoyed a bout of warm weather. I know for the little town of Rock Hill, South Carolina, we saw the temperatures creep up into the high 60s. A nice reminder that spring does exist, and will be here before we know it—well on March 20th, that is. But with all this talk of warm weather and spring, I thought why not get started talking about spring cleaning? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, pull out your makeup bags, it’s cleaning time!

And to help make sure your makeup brushes stay clean, we’re here with tips to help you get rid of the dirt once and for all.

What You’ll Need

Your makeup brushes are an investment! And you need them to be clean every time you do a demo with a new customer. Because honestly, who wants their makeup put on with an old brush? Not me (or your customers)! So to clean away makeup buildup, dirt, dead skin cells (yuck), and bacteria, pick up some of these all-natural ingredients and get to cleaning!
  • Olive oil
  • Natural dishwashing liquid (or you could use baby shampoo with all-natural ingredients)
  • Plate
  • Cold Water
Get to Cleaning

Ready to get rid of dirt forever? Let’s get started!

  1. Prepare a plate of two parts dishwashing liquid with one part olive oil—we recommend this combination to help protect people with oily skin.
  2. Starting one at a time, spin the brush through the mixture, making sure the bristles are nicely coated.
  3. Here’s where it gets messy. Work the mixture through the brush with your fingers. You’ll notice that any trapped makeup, dirt, etc. will start coming off of your brush. Hey, have to get messy before you get clean in the makeup world, right?
  4. Once the bristles are good and covered, rinse the brush with cold water. Make sure that your brush is pointed down, with water flowing off the brush, not into the handle.
  5. Squeeze out excess water, and lay the brush flat on its side to air dry.

And for those pesky, foundation covered makeup brush handles, clean them with vinegar to remove any germs or bacteria. It’s a good last step to make sure you rid yourself of dirty makeup brushes once and for all.

Now that your brushes are clean, are you wondering how you can clean your makeup bag and other products? Well luckily for you, we did some digging around and found a blog from HealingRadius with everything you need to know to make your own cleaning products—and they’re all natural ingredients, too!


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