How to Ask for the Sale and Get it Every Time

In past blogs, we talked about how to get customers interested in what you sell, how to build up your confidence, and how to establish trust.
You remember, right?

To make a sale successful, you had to listen to what your customer really wanted and to solve their problem. You then had to show them how your products could benefit them.

But out of all this advice (and we sure hope you found it useful), we saved the best lesson for last: how to ask for the sale and get it every time.

Do we have your attention with that? Awesome! Let’s dive right in.

The Control Illusion

You enjoy having control over your decisions and choices, don’t you? So why treat your customers any different? 

When you’re trying to sell a product, make your customers feel in control of the decision to buy.

Need an example?

OK, imagine that you and your significant other are hungry and wanting to go out for dinner. You want to go to your favorite Italian restaurant, but your partner isn’t sure they want that. So you suggest two restaurants. The Italian restaurant has an open reservation in 30 minutes and the other restaurant has a reservation at 9:30 p.m. You give your significant other the choice. Since both of you are really hungry, your significant other decides that the Italian restaurant is the best option for tonight.

Now apply this to your situation. To put your customer in control, always show them multiple options and give them the opportunity to choose for themselves.

You’ll be surprised at how much it can boost your sales.

Avoid Yes or No Questions

When you are trying to make a sell, you’ll want to avoid any questions that could be answered with a yes or a no.

Simple questions that can be answered simply aren’t welcome in the world of sales. Trust us!

For example. Avoid questions like “can I help you?” Or “are you looking for something specific?” These questions allow for your customers to walk away without a second thought.

So ask something that has to be explained, or at least something that causes your customer to say more than just one word.

When you’re wanting to set up a demo with a customer, ask them: “what day of the week would be better for you, Monday or Tuesday?

Or, “Mary Kay just released a new lip color, do you prefer a deeper red or a more pink look?

Make your customers speak to you. It’s the surest way to keep their attention, capture their excitement, and make them want to buy all of your products.

Don’t Leave Room for Second Guessing

Just this week, I walked into a store to browse their clothing line. My intention was to window shop and to look around, but not buy.

Until I met Maria. Maria is the super-friendly clerk at this shop and in ten minutes she had me convinced not only to buy their newly released spring outfit but to also sign up for their store membership.

Want to know what Maria did that had a non-buyer like me ready to buy everything?

She solved all my problems. She made her clothing line the best out there. She asked me in depth questions to learn more about my style, my work, and what I loved to see myself in. She showed me options. She didn’t leave room for me to second guess my decision. And you want to know something. I’m glad she didn’t.

People naturally second guess everything; it’s in our nature. So to close the deal with your customers, eliminate the time where they can second guess.

For example, say “OK, I think this product is the best one out there for what you’re looking for. This foundation will provide you the coverage you’re looking for. So why not give it a try, we’ll get you checked out.”

You didn’t leave your customer any room to back out, to second guess.

And I bet you made the sale, too.

So Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, Directors, and NSDs are you ready to close more sales and to have happier (new) customers?

We hope these tips have helped you ask for the sale, and to get it every time.

But share your experiences with us! What do you do to help make the sale with your customers? Send us your comments in the comment section below or share it with us on our Facebook page.


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